5 Ways to Show you Care when Someone Loses a Pet

If you know someone who has lost a pet recently and you are unsure of what to say or do, here are 5 suggestions that may be of help. The loss of a family pet can be traumatic. It is not just a pet that has died but a beloved companion and a member of our family who has given us unconditional love. Sadly, the idea that pet loss is not as painful as the loss of a human family member still is held by some people. This can cause a grieving person to bottle up their emotions, especially when in public, because they feel they are being judged.

Flowers on Sitting Cat PlacematHowever, having their feelings recognised by others can certainly help towards the grieving process and be of comfort to them. Of course, no matter what you say or do, cannot bring back their beloved pet, but kindness is always appreciated. The most important thing to remember is that by acknowledging the loss of a pet you are showing you understand the pain the owner is experiencing. You do not need to have personally experienced pet grief directly yourself but sending a message of care and sympathy is a special gesture.

These days pet loss is recognised by experts as being a sad and painful experience much akin to losing any family member. Those of us who have experienced it may find we can talk about it much more than in the past, but for many it may still be difficult.

You may not know this already but the inspiration behind Jin Designs Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat Collection comes from dealing with pet grief. You can read more about this in the blog post Inspiration Behind the Cat Designs which explains how Designer Jinny came up with these special designs.

Jinny had the pain of losing of a beloved cat when she was growing up and at a time when such loss was not spoken about so much back then. She tells her story in the blog post Cats Sleep Anywhere - the Sleeping Cat Story.  Both of the Jin Designs blog posts show how important our pets are to us and how, in both life and death, they remain very close to our hearts.

If there is someone you know, a friend, family member or a work colleague who has recently lost a pet and you want to do something for them, here are five suggestions for you.

1. Send a simple card

Thinking of you cardThere is no right or wrong type of card to send. You may want to send a more formal card which says, ‘Sorry for your loss,’ or one with flowers on or even a card with a portrait of a pet that looks similar to the one that has died.

You can find cards with beautiful poems that are abstract and adaptable for the loss of a pet. You could even send a simple greeting card and write your own words inside. A short message is all you need to write and it will really show you care.

If you are unsure about what to write or what sort of card to send then you could consider giving a gift instead.

2. Give a mug as a gift

Mugs are practical gifts. But they also have a special place in our daily routines. You can read more about it in a previous blog post on 5 Reasons Why Giving a Mug as a Gift is a Perfect Idea. By choosing one especially for the person who has lost a pet you are sending a message that you care. Every time they use the mug it will be a reminder that you were thinking about them.

Some mugs can also be a reminder of a much loved pet. Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat were designed for those who love cats, and for those who have loved and lost.  

3. Send a ‘Comfort’ Gift

FlowersComfort gifts can range from candles, flowers, plants, luxury biscuits or chocolates and so much more. Often, when people experience loss they can forget to look after themselves. You could send them a few items from the list to help them to remember to take care of their own well-being as they go through their loss. 

4. Give a small token

Sometimes, something small and beautiful is the perfect way to show your sympathy. A keyring is an ideal token to remind them of their dear pet. Jin Designs silver plated keyrings are simple, stylish and thoughtful. They can be used as a keyring or as a charm on a bag. It is not only a thoughtful token but a beautiful keepsake to remember a special cat or a dog. 

5. Send a symbolic gesture

Robin pinNot all family pets are cats or dogs. People grieve the loss of birds, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and numerous other animals. You could send a Robin Enamel Pin. The Robin is symbolic of lost loved ones returning to let you know they are with you. This can also be relevant for a pet. When robins appear... facts and folklore about Britain's best loved bird will explain this in more detail. 

A Robin Enamel Pin can be worn on a lapel or placed on a bag or scarf. It can be carried around with ease in a purse or bag so they keep it close by. It is ideal as a symbolic reminder that their lost loved one is always around. It is also the perfect gift to let your friend, family member or colleagues know you acknowledge their grief. In many ways, by sending a gift or card that acknowledges the loss of a pet, you are also recognising the importance of their lives to others.

We hope our suggestions have helped you to decide what gesture or gift to choose. Whatever you give you can be certain that the message will let them know that you care and will be appreciated.