6 of the Best Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

Here's a carefully selected list of 6 best luxury gifts for cat lovers that you can find from the Jin Designs Cat Collections. These are creative gifts suitable for cat lovers all over the world. Maybe you want to tell someone how much you miss them and give them something special. Perhaps you want to treat yourself to a cat themed gift. Whatever the reasons, you can be sure that Jin Designs cats will fill the hearts of cat lovers with delight.Luxury Gifts for Cat Lovers

In a recent survey our furry friends were described as the 'family we choose'. These words could never be more true. Many of us, this year, have been distanced from our own 'human' family and friends, and have found companionship with our pets. There is nothing more relaxing than having a cat in your home. They are wonderful companions. What can compare to a cat sitting on your lap and purring away? Unless you are Pebbles, Jin Designs cat, who won't come near a lap!

Cats have their funny ways that entertain and delight us. They are good for our health, from lowering blood pressure to helping with anxiety. For many people, life would be very different without a cat to share their lives with, which is why they are special to Jin Designs too. Jin Designs cat themed gifts have become a valuable part of many people's homes especially during this year. Take a look at this list of 6 of the best luxury cat lover gifts for inspiration and ideas for someone special in your life. 

1) Cat Lover Kitchen Gift Set

If you didn't bake during the first lockdown and want to try your hand this time around then this is the perfect gift for you. Not only is it practical, it is stylish and gives a touch of luxury to your kitchen. The set includes an apron, a tea towel, and a fine bone china mug with a gift box. The cat themed set features Sitting Cat on the tea towel and Crouching Cat on the apron and mug. It's like having your new best friends with you as you bake. This creative gift for cat lovers can be given to someone you miss or if you are a dab hand in the kitchen yourself this will make you look like the cat's whiskers!

2) CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed

CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed

Paws up if you've never heard of the expression 'Cat Loaf'. Just in case you haven't, it is the position your cat sits when they have their paws and tail tucked right underneath them. In this position they look like a loaf of bread. Loafing is a sign your cat is very comfortable and relaxed.

CatLoafStar - Whisper

Photo: Whisper enjoying her CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed

The CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed is Jin Designs first ever gift for a cat. It is eco-friendly and has a unique design in which your cat can sleep, stretch, scratch and loaf, making it a perfect luxury gift for a cat. Having said that, the simple CatLoaf design is so attractive you will want to have it in your home. This means it doubles up as the perfect gift for both your cat and you!

3) Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat Mugs, Set of Two
Cat Mugs, Set of 2If you can't get to visit those you miss to have a cuppa with them, this luxury gift is certain to do the trick. What better way of saying that you are thinking of someone special by sending them a cat themed gift? Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat feature on these fine bone china mugs and come presented in a brown box with a Jin Designs label.

You could even take time out and have Zoom style coffee or tea break with your friends and compare your mugs! As ever, the finest materials are used without compromising on quality. The mugs have been hand-decorated here in the UK and add a touch of luxury to enjoying a hot beverage.

4) CatLoaf Silver Keyring
Now that we all know what a CatLoaf is, this charming keyring design will come as no surprise. It is luxuriously presented in a Jin Designs kraft pillow box and makes a touching gift for cat lovers. The simple design of a cat loafing, is silver plated with a white, hard enamel outline.

CatLoaf Silver Keyring is a versatile gift. It can be used for everyday keys, for the keys to a secret diary or jewellery box or even to your loved one's heart, which is of course, your cat's! The keyring can also be used as a charm and as a constant reminder of that someone special.

5) Cat Side Plates, Set of Four
Cat Side Plates, Set of FourHere is another creative gift idea for cat lovers. Four cats, created by Jin Designs, come together in a luxurious fine bone china set of side plates. You can find Sitting Cat, Crouching Cat, Sleeping Cat and Standing Cat adorning these plates.

They are perfect as a complete set when laying a table or you could alternate using them just for yourself. You get to choose a different cat design to match your mood, or what your own cat just so happens to be doing. I should imagine Sleeping Cat might get used quite a bit but if you watch, you will see the various positions each day and will no doubt be spoilt for choice!

6) Cat Collection Birch Wood Tray
Sourced from sustainable forests in Sweden, Cat Collection Birch Wood Tray offers style, luxury, quality and makes a great cat lover gift idea. The tray features our favourite foursome, Sitting Cat, Sleeping Cat, Standing Cat and Crouching Cat.

They grace the tray, which is made from layers of birch wood, which is very durable. There are many reasons to choose the tray as a gift. It can be for a new house, a birthday or for those times when we have to spend more time at home. With a tray like this, you are saying to someone, enjoy some tasty nibbles, a breakfast or even a TV dinner in the company of cats! That is a must for any cat lover!

As the nights are drawing in and many places may be closed for a while longer, being at home is the place to be. For those you miss, a luxury, creative gift is a special way to tell them so. If they don't have a cat themselves, you could send them one of Jin Designs best luxury gifts - sure to delight cat lovers near and far. It's times like these that makes giving so important - as well as an enjoyable act to do.

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