Cats Sleep Anywhere - The Sleeping Cat Story

It's true. Cats do sleep anywhere. The inspiration for Sleeping Cat came many years ago from a beautiful cat I had when growing up in the leafy town of Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Her name was Mittle. We grew up together but sadly, when we were both 15, she died. Well, it wasn't quite like that. She hadn't been well for a few months but her death came as a great shock. Sleeping Cat Mug It was just an ordinary day. I went to school. I was studying for my GCSEs. It was Summer term. I probably had an English class, Maths or History. And maybe some sport in the afternoon - rounders or tennis. I came home only to find that my mother had taken Mittle to the vet and had her put down. I never got to see her again. And I never said goodbye. So I've been drawing Sleeping Cat over the years. It doesn't bring her back. But it reminds me of my lovely cat. I know I’ll never find another cat like her. But I hope one day there will be a special cat again that I can love and adore. The loss of a pet can come as a great shock and trying to deal with the grief can be one of the most painful experiences in life. If you've ever had a pet that you've loved you can probably relate to this. I don't think you ever forget how much they can touch your heart. I'm so grateful to have had this bond and closeness with my cat as I was growing up. She was a true friend. And an inspiration. Sleeping Cat can be any cat you want it to be. Sleeping Cat sleeps anywhere but here there's lots of space. Room to breathe. Peaceful. Sleeping Cat is for all the people out there who love cats. And for all those who have loved and lost. by Jinny Ursell

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Hi Jinny
I just wanted to say that the story of the Sleeping Cat was extremely touching and certainly resonated with me as an animal lover.
I bought a cat clock from you at the Wealdon Times Mid Winter Fair for my young Godson for a Christmas present. I’m delighted to tell you he loved it! He, at the ripe old age of 11, influenced his mum, dad and two syblings that they needed a cat to make their family complete. They are now the proud owners of a year old black and white cat called Lola.
I love your work and very much appreciate its pureness and simplicity which has great impact. A rarity these days.
Best wishes

Penny Jones February 17, 2020

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