Inspiration Behind the Cat Designs: Part 1

I often get asked how I come up with my designs and this week was no exception. I was asked by a customer what was the inspiration behind Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat. As a designer, inspiration comes from many places. From the past, the present, from the conscious and sub-conscious mind. Both my cat collections are the result of personal experiences and outside influences - and many years of drawing, thinking, wondering, believing, and finally... doing. Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat are simple graphics inspired by a number of elements that all merged together years later to create the most popular designs in the Jin Designs collections.

A Reminder

Part 1 of this inspiration begins with my lovely cat who passed away when I was 15. I've been drawing her over the years and she was very much in the forefront of my mind when I drew these designs. You can read more about that story on a previous blog post. The aim of my designs has always been to make people stop and think and smile as they remember something that is personal to them. I wanted to do this with my cat designs. So it's not art to be admired, but it's design that tells a story - but not my story, their story. It could be a family pet, a friend's cat or a neighbour's moggie. I deliberately didn't want to draw the front of the cat - the features. By adding features it becomes more cartoon-like, less meaningful and less like your cat and more like someone else's. Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat are far from characterless though. Even though you can't see their faces, they have a warmth and simple style just sitting and sleeping. Sitting Cat

Introducing White Space

I don't know about you but sometimes I don't see enough space! Everywhere the space is filled with shapes and patterns. I wanted to introduce a contrast to this. There's plenty of space in these cat designs. And you'll always find Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat in the bottom corner on the right - wherever you find them. I like to make use of the white space and every layout on every product is worked out to the millimetre. The white space draws your eye to what matters and gives you space to think and appreciate the design.

Contemporary Cat Designs

I felt there was a need to give cat lovers a contemporary design to enjoy. Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat is very much for the design conscious cat lover. Is it possible to love cats and not be tarnished with the words 'crazy cat lady'? Is it possible to love cats and enjoy contemporary, quality cat products? It is now! I'd like to tell you about the other elements that influenced me to design Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat. But it's time to break for tea! Part 2 coming soon... View Sitting Cat Collection View Sleeping Cat Collection Jinny Ursell Designer / Owner / Not so Crazy Cat Lady