Why are Rabbits Associated with Easter - plus an Egg Decorating Guide

Easter in the Western world is often associated with the Easter Bunny and chocolate eggs. These may seem like strange symbols for one of the most important holidays in Christianity, so where do they it come from?   As always, there are several theories.Easter BunnySome mention ancient pagan festivals. In the UK, there was a festival called Eostre where the Goddess of Dawn and the Spring Equinox was celebrated. It seems that to help convert pagans into the Christian church, pagan festivals were often combined with Christian festivals. This may account for the association of rabbits/ hares with Easter as they symbolised fertility due to their reproductive abundance!

It is believed that the Easter Bunny was first introduced into America in the 1700s by German immigrants. They took with them their story about an egg laying hare called Osterhase or Oster Haws. The story tells of a hare who would lay colourful eggs for children, sometimes even carrots if they were very hungry! Over the centuries the gifts changed and became chocolate eggs and candies and even toys. 

Why eggs? Eggs have always represented birth and renewal. It is believed that decorating eggs dates to the 13th century when they were a forbidden food during Lent. You can find out more about this in All you need to know about Pancake Day. People would decorate their eggs and then eat them after Lent to celebrate Easter Sunday. 

In Australia they have the Easter Bilby which is a rabbit like marsupial. In Switzerland they have the Easter Cuckoo, and in Germany, where the Easter Rabbit originates, they have the Easter Fox and the Easter Rooster.  Eggs and rabbits have been symbolic of Springtime celebrations, birth, renewal and for Christians, the resurrection of Jesus.

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Easter Egg Decorating Tips

Time to offer you this fun step-by-step creative egg decorating activity. Decorating Eggs is traditional and easy to do. You do not need to be a great artist to create colourful eggs. Follow our guide and you and your family can all contribute and then display your efforts around your home.


You will need:

- Fresh eggs
- Safety Pin
- Cocktail stick
- Straw
- Bowl
- Decorating items (felt tips/permanent markers/ paint/ glitter/and any materials of your choice to decorate)
Easter Egg Decorating

1. How to blow the eggs. Carefully pierce the egg by pushing a pin or safety pin in at either end. 
Tip. Try to make the hole at the base (widest end) of the egg, large enough to fit a cocktail stick through. Push the cocktail stick into the egg to break the yolk, twist it around a few times then remove the stick. 

2. Next. Hold the egg over a clean bowl with the larger hole pointing downwards and press the straw over the smaller hole at the top and blow into the straw. The air will push the egg yolk and white out of the shell into the bowl below. It takes a while to get going so be patient! Once out cover the egg and pop in the fridge to use in cooking or baking.

3. Then. Once the egg feels empty, hold it gently under warm running water and wipe with kitchen paper and leave to dry. Once it is completely dry, you’re ready to decorate!

4. Now. You can decorate with paint, pens, glitter, or whatever takes your fancy. If you are using glitter, you’ll need some glue. For a simple, yet effective finish, dip the base of the egg in glue and then in glitter, and leave upside down in an eggcup to dry.

5. Finally. For ideas, try drawing each other. Family caricatures. Or your pets. Or even have a go at decorating your egg like the Easter Bunny.

Good luck! Don't forget to share your creations on social channels - and tag in @jindesigns

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