What is a worktop saver and what are they used for?

Have you ever wondered what a worktop saver is? If so, then wonder no more! In brief, a worktop saver is exactly what it says it is. It is an item that saves your worktops from scratches, burns and other marks. However, worktop savers are much more than that. Here are five reasons why you should have a worktop saver in your home, along with some creative ideas on how you can use them.

Sitting Cat Worktop Saver

1. Worktop Savers Protect Surfaces

Jin Designs Worktop Savers are made from toughened recycled glass. This makes them suitable for placing hot dishes on. Think of a trivet, usually made of metal, a worktop saver does much the same job but unlike a trivet, it offers many other uses. A worktop saver will protect a variety of surfaces in your home from burn marks and scratches. You can place hot dishes straight from the oven.


Worktop savers are designed to take up to 180°C heat. You can also use them in the centre of a dining table, similar to how you would use a placemat. The advantages of a glass worktop saver is it is bigger and able to withstand a higher temperature. They also have non-slip pads on the rear, so they stay safely in place when being used. 

2. Worktop Savers are Hygienic

Worktop savers are considered one of the most hygienic ways to prepare food in the kitchen. They are great to use as chopping boards and the glass surface of a worktop saver is ideal. It is scratch resistant so it can be wiped down easily which effectively helps in leaving no harmful bacteria. This is particularly useful if you are preparing meat or fish. Worktop savers are odour and stain resistant. To take care of them, all you need to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth. 

3. Worktop Savers are Sustainable

As we look for more ways to improve sustainability in the products that we use, the glass worktop saver is one to add to your list. Made from recycled, toughened glass, these items are great for the environment. A Jin Designs worktop saver is also made in the UK which helps to reduce your carbon footprint too. A glass worktop saver should last for many years too which avoids having to buy more unnecessary products.

4. Worktop Savers are Decorative

Hedgehog Worktop Saver

Worktop savers will brighten up any kitchen, dining room or home. Pick your favourite patterns and style and place on the kitchen worktop or dining room table - or if you're an animal lover, choose a Jin Designs Worktop Saver. There's a range of colourful animals and birds such as Penguin, Sitting Cat, Hedgehog and Fox.

Sitting Dog Worktop Saver

There's even Hedgehog, Sheep and Seagull - all ready to add charm to your kitchen. If you know a keen chef, cook or baker, don't forget they make wonderful decorative gifts for friends and family, particularly for animal lovers. 

5. Worktop Savers are Versatile

The beauty of a worktop saver is not only how practical it is but also how versatile it is. You can use one to mark a designated area for making tea or coffee. It will keep the area tidy, and safe from damage. You can use them to decorate your tables both indoors and outside on the patio. Present your family and guests with tasty nibbles or tacos on your worktop savers and do not forget the cakes! If you have an area elsewhere in your home that needs some extra protection then a worktop saver will do just that, save your worktop from ruin!

CatLoaf Worktop Saver

And have you thought about using a worktop saver as a pet food mat? This is a great idea for keeping your cat or dog's food area clean and tidy. Easy to wipe down and perfect for them to eat their food from.


Pebbles and her worktop saver


Pebbles, who is Designer Jinny's cat, loves her Sitting Cat Worktop Saver. There's also Sitting Dog for your much loved, and possibly rather spoilt, pets!

Worktop savers are incredibly useful and have lots of uses in the kitchen and home. But they won't stop this age-old problem of cat on the kitchen worktop!

After reading the five reasons why every home should have a worktop saver, hopefully you have been convinced!