Discover the Ideal Gift Through Animal Symbolism

What do Reindeer, Rabbit and Robin have in common? Not forgetting Blue Tit, Badger, and Bee? Apart from being just some of the gifts from Jin Designs unique animal homeware collections they are all characters which carry their own distinct symbolism.

Robin and Penguin

This not only makes them attractive items to have in your home, but they also make thoughtful gifts for your loved ones.

Sometimes, giving a gift can cause stress because of budget restraints or just not knowing what to buy. To overcome this, you could consider giving something with a symbolic animal on. It is not only a stress-free option, it can be exciting to choose an animal on a beautiful homeware item because it gives a personalised message to your loved ones and friends.

You can discover the symbolism behind some of the Jin Designs characters in Animals and What They Symbolise. And there's a more in-depth look at Robin in the blog post When robins appear... facts and folklore about Britain's best loved bird

But here are five gift ideas that further explore the symbolism of our some of our most popular animals and creatures and what makes them the perfect affordable gift with meaning.

1. Reindeer usually come to our attention during the Festive Season. They are charming animals which can be seen in mythology worldwide. In Hinduism, they are associated with the Goddess of Wisdom and represent art and music. Their symbolic meaning in Europe since ancient times, is as a guide for the soul, and as enchanting creatures who fly to heaven taking messages.


They represent strength, travel, change, determination, and focus.

As you can see, they are not just about pulling Santa’s sleigh!

Take a look at Reindeer in the Window Fine Bone China Mini Tray. It is not only a beautifully practical gift, but it sends a message of strength, change and focus.

2. Bees are a symbol of hard work and collaboration. In the UK, the worker bee has been a symbol of the city Manchester since the Industrial Revolution. It represents everyone working together to overcome difficulties and to accomplish a keen sense of community.

Throughout the world bees are seen as ‘busy bees’ and admired for their sense of working as a team. They are also associated with divine energy, spirituality, and fertility.

Bee Candle

If you know someone who needs a message of support, Bee Candle could be just the symbolic gift they need to feel comfort and appreciation.

3. Badgers are solitary creatures within the group in which they live. They are known to be independent and are associated with self-reliance. Symbolically, the badger is all about resilience, remaining grounded, and wise. In Celtic traditions they are seen as having a deep connection with nature.


They are fierce protectors of their family and home and linked to protection, freedom, strength, wisdom, and resilience.

Badger Gift Set

For that special someone in your life who is wise and independent or a lover of badgers, Badger Lover Gift Set will let them know how much you recognise their special traits and show them that you have put thought into their symbolic animal gift.

Blue Tit Bird

4. Blue Tit symbolism is overwhelmingly as enchanting as this tiny bird. If you see a Blue Tit, it means the arrival of a brighter future and that you will be able to deal with life’s difficulties.

Native Americans see this bird as a symbol of transformation. Hearing its song will enable you to embrace life’s journey, fill your heart with joy and purpose, and curiosity!

Blue Tits have only one mate throughout life, so they represent warmth, loyalty and of course love.

Blue Tit Collection by Jin Designs

Jin Designs Blue Tit Collection has been created as a reminder of hope and positivity. You may want to consider giving someone a Blue Tit Jug. It is a perfect gift for that someone special as it comes with double the symbolism connected
to this special bird.

You can read more about this in What Do Blue Tits Symbolise? Exploring the Meaning and Magic of Britain's Beloved Birds

5. Discover more about other popular symbolic animals and their meaning in the blog post Animals and What They Symbolise

Penguin Jug

They include bestsellers such as Penguin, who are loyal and represent balance.

Robin, a bird that comes to visit with messages from lost loved ones and offer calmness, protection, and happiness.

Our more domesticated animals are in Jin Designs Collections too. Cat with their symbolism of grace, independence and intelligence will certainly make a thoughtful gift for those who are cat ‘people.’ For canine lovers, Dog represents guidance and loyalty.

Sitting Dog Mug and Mini Tray

When you choose an animal design it's a symbolic gift which can strengthen relationships, friendships, and bonds between partners. It shows thoughtfulness and how much you value the person to whom you are giving.

Meaningful gifts, which are simple and yet speak volumes, have a unique message that will touch the hearts of your loved ones and create lasting memories.

Find your favourite character amongst the Jin Designs Collections and give a gift with meaning.