Animals and what they symbolise

There are over a million identified animal species in the world, each with a set of characteristics that make them unique. Some species are fierce and wild, while a few are gentle, fun-loving or playful.

In some indigenous cultures and New Age beliefs, animals are believed to be an incarnation of spirit guides and are thus referred to as a spirit animal. They supposedly carry wisdom and a guiding force that help humans navigate through life.

In modern cultures, this can translate to a metaphor that shows us how some of these creatures mirror our personality, behaviour, or journey as humans.

Curious which animal resonates with you? Let’s find out what some of them embody and which one best represents you or reminds you of a loved one.

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Cat - Ever curious and patiently waiting for an opportunity. Values independence along with a sense of adventure. Cats symbolise elegance, curiosity, courage and adaptability.

Dog - Typifies loyalty, kinship, bravery, perseverance, and happiness and also conveys protection and reliability.

Penguin - These aquatic birds symbolise devotion, loyalty, unity, and lasting love. Penguins also represent a positive, friendly, and adaptable nature. Find out more about penguins when you read Interesting Facts about Penguin Love.

Bee - The busy bees are symbols of industry, prosperity, harmony, and a sense of community. In some cultures, bees are considered symbols of fertility and sexuality because of their role in plant pollination.

When Robins Appear

Robin - A popular phrase goes, “When robins appear, loved ones are near”. Britain’s well-loved bird is believed to be a carrier of messages, and its presence brings comfort to those who have lost a loved one. This is discussed in more detail in When robins appear... facts and folklore about Britain's best loved bird.

Fox - The fox is associated with being withdrawn when necessary but able to adapt to its surroundings well. It embodies intelligence, independence, mischievousness, and beauty and is believed to bring good fortune.

Badger - Though small in size, the badger is considered for its mental energy and never say die attitude. Persistence, cleverness, security, and friendship are some of the traits it embodies.


Hedgehog - The hedgehog signifies harmony, serenity, intuition, and gentleness. It is also associated with protection, bravery, vitality, and resourcefulness. You can find out more about hedgehogs in 5 Fun Facts about Hedgehogs

Pig - A pig generally represents good fortune, hard work, abundance, and fertility. It is also perceived as a power animal that can sniff out opportunities everywhere.

Duck - This waterfowl symbolises balance, grace, adaptability, feelings, family, and love. It is also associated with intuition, clarity, finding your flow, vigilance, and progress.

Polar Bear - This fierce animal signifies independence, survival skills, and strength and embodies endurance, protection, and determination. Polar Bear day is on 27 February each year - a day when we get the chance to celebrate these beautiful endangered creatures.

DolphinDolphins symbolise intelligence, social connection, and joy. Their complex communication and playful nature resonate with us, while their strong social bonds remind us of the importance of community. Find out more in the blog post Why We Love Dolphins

Your Animal Affinity
So which of these animals parallels your personality and journey? If you’re drawn to some of these, you probably share some traits with them and relate to them in many ways.

Is there an animal that reminds you of a loved one? Is there a badger or a hedgehog in your life that you want to give a shoutout to? Let them know!

Express your appreciation creatively by giving them symbols or gifts that bear their animal match.

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Thoughtful Gifts
When Robins Appear

One of the most popular characters on homeware and gifts is Robin. Robin can provide a lot of comfort and joy, sometimes seen as a messenger for lost loved ones. This quality Robin Collection is a wonderful reminder of Britain's best loved bird.