The Tale of Black Cats

For thousands of years, black cats have been viewed as extraordinary. They are linked to many different superstitions. Although these tales go back years, depending on where you come from, a black cat can still be seen as a good or a bad omen. But no need to worry, at Jin Designs, the black cat is designed in Britain and therefore follows British superstitions, meaning that it represents good luck. Here's a little bit of background into the origins of the curiosity which follows the black cat.

Black Cats

In Ancient Egypt, all cats were considered sacred and they were worshiped. The goddess, Bast, was first depicted as a lioness but over time, her image became softened and whilst she remained fierce and strong, she was eventually seen to be a domestic cat. She was a representation of affection, grace and fun as well as powerful, like larger felines. Back in the 1600s, the King of England, King Charles I, had a black cat whom he loved very much. He made sure that the cat was watched over and cared for 24 hours a day by his guards to ensure it was protected. When the King was arrested the cat died from an illness that very same day. Since the Middle Ages, black cats have been viewed as close companions to witches and some people even believe them to be witches incarnate.

During Halloween, people often dress up as black cats or witches with a dark, furry, feline friend. Halloween comes from the Pagan celebration of Samhaim, a time for honoring ancestors who have passed away. Black cats have been associated with witchcraft due to their nocturnal nature. People used to say that cats aided witches with their craft but this was also said about dogs and pigs too.

In the UK, people’s understanding of black cats has changed. It is said that Fishermen’s wives used to keep black cats while their husbands were away at sea as they believed that they would be able to prevent their husbands from coming into contact with any danger. The black cats were considered so valuable that they were often stolen!

Sitting Cat Worktop Saver

Designer Jinny's first cat was a black cat and provides the inspiration for a number of cat collections at Jin Designs. You can read more about the story behind the cat designs. If you're looking for a gift for cat lovers, have a look at the collection here. From mugs to mini trays, zip bags to worktop savers, there will always be an option to have a black cat near you.