Why We Find Joy In Wildlife

Wildlife has captured the human imagination for thousands of years. Every culture is steeped with wildlife in its myths, folklore and art. What is it about our affinity with wildlife? Perhaps, it is because we can connect with our roots in this world. Or maybe, it is our fascination with enchanting creatures, far removed from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Jin Designs knows how much joy wildlife brings to customers. 
The bestselling Woodland Collection features some of the best loved animals to adorn your homes and bring you closer to nature.

Many of us are familiar with the books and illustrations of Beatrix Potter. She was a firm conservationist, a passionate lover of wildlife and gave us unforgettable characters and a strong bond with nature. Her illustrations and stories continue to enchant people of all ages and bring the joy of wildlife to all.

Not unlike Beatrix Potter, Jin Designs animal lovers' Woodland Collection includes special characters such as Fox, Rabbit, Badger and indeed, would not be complete without Hedgehog.

Speaking of hedgehogs, did you know that the Ancient Egyptians considered them to be a symbol of good luck? They carried hedgehog amulets with them and had paintings of them on the walls of their homes.

However, in contrast to the Ancient Egyptians, people in mediaeval times thought hedgehogs to be witches in disguise. No surprise there of course, but Hedgie isn't very impressed with this at all.

Happily, you can enjoy this one on our fine bone china Hedgehog Mug in a more composed manner and in keeping with how adorable we find them.

Hedgehog Mug

Interestingly, folklore gives us two accounts on the symbolism of a robin. The first is connected to Christianity. A robin ( then a plain brown bird ) sang to Jesus to ease his suffering on the cross. His breast became covered in his blood, to be forever red from there on in.

The next belief is that the visitation of a robin means your departed loved ones are with you and are watching over you.

Both accounts are beautiful and reveal the importance of how wildlife and humans are connected.

Jin Designs Gifts for Robin Lovers would be a touching gift for anyone who needs a re-connection to wildlife and nature.

For some of us, when we recall our childhood, we can still feel our relationship with wildlife. We might have climbed trees, searched for frog spawn, made dens and sat and listened to the sounds of wildlife around us.

Lovers of wildlife appreciate how we all should spend more time in nature. It is not only is good for physical and mental health but builds on our love and respect for wildlife. Adults and young children can reap the rewards when encountering the joy of wildlife even if only from a small back garden.

Gardens attract  birds, butterflies, hedgehogs and even badgers. 
If you are particularly fond of badgers then you are in for a treat with Jin Designs Gifts for Badger Lovers.

It's not just rural or suburban gardens filled with wildlife. Urban gardens are often very inviting to a fox.The sight of a fox on your lawn is always a joy to wildlife lovers. It is said that if a single fox crosses your path then that is good luck!


If you do not have a garden then why not treat yourself to Jin Designs Fox Lover Gifts. You can have them as your own a lucky charm or share with a friend.

It is clear how important wildlife is to our connection to nature and cultures. It is entwined in literature, art, folklore and myths.

Sadly, we cannot always get out to woodlands as often as we desire but Jin Designs offers the opportunity to bring the joy of wildlife into our home.

Woodland Collection Mugs

What could be better than to enjoy a cuppa from a Woodland Collection Bone China Mug or to see Hedgehog on a wall clock in the kitchen?

Hedgie gives their solemn promise that they are not a witch in disguise and will bring you good luck. And, we really think they will.