Who Is The Secret Paw Star?

It's a question asked a lot! Who is the cat with the beautiful big paws wrapped around Sitting Cat Mug? So here's the story... The paws belong to Bertie. He came to stay one weekend at Jin Designs. His owner was away and he needed some company. It was around the time the new product range was about to launch. He took great interest in the designs - particularly Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat. Little did he know he was to about to become the new Jin Designs Paw Star. There he was, resting on a sunny afternoon, minding his own business. It was the perfect photo opportunity. He was so laid back and comfortable. He wrapped his paws around the mug and there it was - the photo that helped launch a business. Sitting Cat Mug with Paw Bertie is a beautiful British Blue and the perfect studio companion. He's quite good at picking out Pantone colours too. Bertie the British Blue Although sleeping is what he does best. Sleeping Cat