What is a 'second'?

A second is the term used to describe an imperfect product and is usually used in ceramics or pottery. An item is classified as a second when there may be a fault in the finish or the decoration. It is not structural and each item still functions as intended and is usable.  Fine Bone China Mugs

Jin Designs uses Stoke based factory, Heraldic Pottery, for production of all fine bone china mugs. The decorating department adds the printed decals by hand to each piece. Any water or air has to be removed from between the decal and piece otherwise blow outs will occur in firing. If this happens it means the decorated piece is turned out as a second. The whole production process is very delicate and due to high standards of both Jin Designs and Heraldic Pottery, some mugs don't always pass as perfect and are classed as seconds. 

Most of the time, 'seconds sales' are done when the customer can see the product and it can be 'sold as seen'. However, with the uncertainty in today's world and the lack of events and shows, it has become increasingly difficult to hold face to face events. 

As a result, Jin Designs has opened the 'Outlet Store'. If a product isn't 100% perfect, it will be either donated to charity, or made available in the Outlet Store. This goes to help cover the costs. 

A Jin Designs second is the same great quality product with minor printing blemishes, so you can get your favourite clean and simple designs and style for much less.

Visit the Jin Designs Outlet Store to see the current range of seconds.