The Harsh Truth About Running A Small Business

I'm not going to lie, these last few weeks have been tough in the world of small business. Every year I have been growing the business, slowly but surely, but the last few weeks have been a challenge. After the highs of Christmas and the January Sales, I think consumers have decided that enough is enough and it's time to tighten the purse strings. 
Thoughtful Jin

I totally understand. I have been doing the same myself. But it makes running a business a little tricky. You need the sales to invest in the new stuff. You need the growth to continue to grow.


On top of that, there's been the cost of moving to a new warehouse, along with not just one supplier, but many, putting their prices up.

I know this time shall pass. It always does. I've been here before and experience tells me that you just have to keep believing in what you're doing and keep going. Here's a few things that I have been doing to keep moving forward:
  • Working on a brilliant new collection which will launch April 2024 
  • Working on extending the tableware with new fine bone china nibble dishes - here's one I made earlier
  • Costing up the possibility of a new larger size CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed
  • Trying to make more time for creating new designs.
  • Moving warehouse to ensure a better service for my customers
  • Trying not to panic and worry. I really believe in my designs and I know the tough times will pass.
  • Reading all my lovely customer reviews - this is really what keeps me going.

Life is never going to be easy and some days you are riding the waves and other days you are pulling yourself up off the floor and dusting yourself down. That is simply life.

I really enjoy what I do and I still have a lot to offer. Yes I'm not saving lives with Jin Designs but I hope that my simple designs bring every day joy to those that have discovered them.

In the next few weeks, I will be sending a survey out to my subscribers. It's always good to get feedback, particularly from people who enjoy my products and have journeyed along with me over the years. If you'd like to take part, please make sure you subscribe to my newsletter. I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas. 

Jin Positive

In the meantime, let's keep positive. There's lots to look forward to : )

Designer / Founder of Jin Designs