The Evolution of Hallway Elegance: A Potted History of the Trusted Doormat

With winter’s muddy months fast approaching there has never been a better time to grace your hallway with elegance. Who would have thought that a practical object, such as the doormat, could have such an interesting history. But it does, and it is still evolving!

Doormat in entrance way

A Potted History of the Doormat 

Archaeologists believe that the first known types of floor coverings date back 25,000 years. These mats were made from bark, herbs, and grasses to create a type of felt. Homes were kept warm and dry, and these mats prevented dirt from going indoors.

As people continued to discover new ways to improve their way of living, the introduction of weaving methods led to them to use rushes and grasses together to create mats.  The first form of these mats were found in Mesopotamia about 6000 years ago.

Cave Canem Doormat

 an original ancient 'doormat' from Pompeii

In Pompeii, dog mosaics were placed at the entrance of homes, just as we would place a mat today. Some bear the message ‘Cave Canem’ which means, Beware of the Dog. There are other historical records that are comparable to our modern mats. Some were used to protect the homeowners from evil and one mosaic set outside a front door says, ‘HAVE’ which means ‘welcome’.

Moving on towards the 18th century in England, new matting was created called thrum. This was the waste products from traditional weaving looms. The method was known as rug hooking. As technology and materials continued to change over time, it was the emergency of rubber and other petroleum-based materials that was used to make mats.

By the 1940s it was possible to combine rubber and fabrics to create non-slip and hardy door mats.

Modern Doormats and Floor Mats

Doormats are a charming way to furnish your doorways and hallways. Not only are they attractive to the eye and a welcoming sign to visitors, they keep us safe and our buildings clean.

Many companies have their logo on mats in the entrance of their building and along with schools and other public spaces they have large anti-slip mats to prevent serious falls when the weather is bad.

There are anti-fatigue mats for workers who stand for a long time and bathroom mats that collect all the moisture and prevent us from slipping over. The list is endless!

Who would have thought that from such humble beginnings the modern mat would play such an important part in every home and business. Not only are they practical, modern doormats and floormats are also varied in shape, size, colours and designs.

Eco Friendly

Increasingly, more and more people are concerned about the environment and their health. This is no different when it comes to doormats. They want to know that their mat has been sustainably made from responsibly sourced materials.

The hallway and doorway mat has a big job to do for us keeping our homes dirt free and reducing the risk of nasty tumbles. It also needs to be good for the environment.

PVC is bad for the environment and is not sustainable. Jin Designs doormats are eco friendly, made by our trusted manufacturers who use recycled materials. Our mats are not harmful to the environment or human and pet health. In fact, we are proud to say that they have been awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100. A world-renowned award.

Choosing a Mat

With so much choice available it is possible to furnish your hallway with a mat or runner that is truly unique to you. They also make great gifts, especially for when friends or family move to a new home.

Sitting Dog Runner Doormat

If like the Romans, you fancy a beautiful animal welcoming your guests to your home, Jin Designs Sitting Dog Runner Doormat is a soft and machine washable doormat featuring our own Sitting Dog. It is a stylish addition to any home. You can use the Runner in any part of your house for that touch of practical elegance. It's especially good for wider entrance areas, near the patio doors or in kitchens.

There are other designs available for animal lovers in Jin Designs range. Take a look at the Doormats

Did you know, the world's largest welcome mat is 10,000 square feet. All made from recycled materials.

Welcome from Jin Designs Customers

Who knows, maybe Jin Designs very own mats will become a part of the rich history of doormats! They are certainly getting the paw of approval our fur friends across the world!

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