Rusty's Gift Guide - For Those Who Just Love Their Pets

It's true to say that Rusty, our dear family dog, has been around the block a few times. We don't mean just on his walks but because he knows all about people who love their pets. He's shared his life with adoring family members, other dogs and at one time even a parrot!
Rusty's Gift Guide 
So, based on this, we thought to invite Rusty as our special guest to share his five gift choices from Jin Designs Cat Collections and Sitting Dog Collection. He has put a great deal of attention into his guest spot and hopes you find the guide helpful.

1. Cat Lover Kitchen Gift Set

Cat Lover Kitchen Gift Set
Rusty knows cats love being in the kitchen on cold, wet days. He also knows how much cat lovers enjoy this too. What better than your dear companions snoozing by the stove or gazing out of the window with the aroma of fresh coffee and cooking all around? With this Cat Lover Kitchen Set you can find Crouching Cat on a splendid apron and on a fine bone china mug with a gift box. There's also Sitting Cat on a high quality cotton tea towel. This is a perfect gift for those who love the company of cats. After all that baking or cooking, you can settle down with a cup or tea or coffee in your Crouching Cat Mug. 
'Maybe even treat yourself to a biscuit.' says Rusty.

2. Dog Lover Gift Set 

Rusty is rather fond of Sitting Dog. Here, they can be found on a bone china mug and a Sitting Dog Enamel Pin which is presented in a gift box. The bone china mug fits easily under an espresso machine for those who prefer a coffee at some point during the day. Sitting Dog Enamel Pin is a versatile gift. It can be worn on a jacket lapel, placed on a scarf or a bag. Rusty knows that dog lovers are imaginative people, so he doesn't feel the need to go through the list of endless possibilities!
Sitting Dog looks contemplative as they survey all around. Who knows what thoughts they may have, countryside walks, open log fires...
 'They are probably just thinking about that biscuit mentioned earlier.' says Rusty.

3. Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat Side Plates, Set of Two

Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat Side Plates
Afternoon tea on these exquisite side plates just got better! Here, you can see Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat at their most relaxed. These fine bone china plates make an attractive gift for people who love cats and enjoy food presented well.
With the festive season and winter nights upon us, Rusty is certain a mince pie or two, or biscuits or a few sarnies will look very tasty on both plates in this set. 
He's not so sure he'll get much of a look in though with Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat keeping guard!

4. Sitting Dog Tea Towel

Sitting Dog Tea Towel
Sitting Dog Tea Towel is a thoughtful gift for the dog lover in your life. Made with 100% premium cotton and screen printed in the UK, it's also machine washable. Rusty knows that design and practicability need not be compromised and here is the proof! Rusty said that a kitchen always looks cosy when there are the things in it that bring joy, including your homely pets. He assures us he's not getting sentimental but does value the attention and affection he has from his family. Sitting Dog Tea Towel is a fine portrayal of a loyal companion and friend and it will make dog lovers feel truly appreciated.

5. Sitting Cat and Sitting Dog Mug, Set of Two

Sitting Cat and Sitting Dog Mug, Set of Two

At first, Rusty wasn't too sure what his number 5 gift choice should be. So, he had to retire for a bit to mull it over. When he got back to us, he said that because there were so many perfect gifts from Jin Designs he had to make sure he got it right. After some deliberation, Rusty soon realised that there are those who are cat lovers, those who are dog lovers and then there are those who love and live with both!

'The mugs are a perfect choice.' he said. 'What better than to have a fine bone china mug of both your pets?' The two mugs come gift boxed and are a wonderful choice for all those mixed pet lover families. You can have Sitting Cat, dreamily gazing from the kitchen or living room window and Sitting Dog, waiting quietly with their own thoughts of country walks or as Rusty said 'Biscuits!'

Take a look to see the wide range that Rusty had to choose from.'I think you'll find I deserve a treat.' said Rusty, hopefully.

Rusty hopes you find inspiration from his Gift Guide for Those Who Just Love Their Pets from Jin Designs Cat Collections and Sitting Dog Collection.