Photos from Henley Royal Regatta

There was sunshine, smiles and Champagne at Henley Royal Regatta this year. Jin Designs was exhibiting at the annual event with a select number of exhibitors. The sun was shining all week and it was an amazing atmosphere. It was lots of fun working next to talented designers, Port and Lemon, who were selling their creations next door to Jin Designs. Jin Designs would like to say a big thank you to all the customers who came to the stand, for all the purchases and positive feedback received. Thanks also to Port and Lemon who were wonderful neighbours and not only helped with setting up the stand, but also provided the Champagne. And a final thanks to the organisers who put on a brilliant event. It's definitely one that will be remembered. Henley RR Rowers Every morning was a scene like this. Beautiful. HenleyRR-Jinny Setting up shop HenleyRR-Morning Early morning before the crowds Morning Rowers Rowers along the Thames HenleyRR-JinDesignsStand All set up and ready to go HenleyRR-PortLemon With neighbours Port and Lemon HenleyRR-Shoppers Filling up with visitors HenleyRR-JinnyHat Fitting in with the Henley Style HenleyRR-Champagne Enjoying Champagne after a hard day's work