Interesting Facts about Penguin Love

With every design comes a lot of research here at Jin Designs. And when designing Penguin, there was a lot to learn about these sea birds. As any penguin lover will know, they are some of the most loyal creatures on the planet. Most breeds of penguin choose a mate and stay with them for the rest of their lives. Here's a few interesting facts to share about penguins.

Penguin Love

Just like us humans, penguins spend their lives living in communities. These little village like setups are called rookeries. They protect each other from the cold and from predators in their groups. They are even known to take trips with their closest and extended family members!

Once they have decided on a partner, male penguins search long and hard for the perfect gift to present their new love, it comes in the form of a beautiful, smooth pebble. It is common for male penguins to even fight other penguins for the pebble they’ve set their hearts on. If the penguin partner accepts the present, the pair will put the stone in a nest together which acts as a representation of their love and their commitment to creating a future together.

When they do eventually have babies, both the mother and the father play large roles in taking care of their young. They share the roles of feeding, nurturing and parenting them. How adorable!

Penguin Mug

Luckily for the friends and family of penguin lovers, there need not be any searching, fighting of pebble giving when they want to give a gift.

Penguin Desk Mat

Jin Designs has a collection of gorgeous illustrated penguin items which make for perfect presents. Find Penguin on bespoke china china mugs, a pair of matching coasters, a recycled glass worktop saver and a pack of four cards

Penguin Worktop Saver

These gifts are just as meaningful to a penguin lover as a pebble to a penguin but arguably more useful. Do you have penguin lover in your life? And how similar do you think penguins really are to people? 

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