Pebbles joins the Jin Designs Team

The Jin Designs Team has expanded! Pebbles arrived this week to take on an important role at Jin Designs. Pebbles will be helping with social media, marketing and product development, plus some admin tasks. You can follow @jindesigns on Instagram for updates or find her here - @pebbles_by_the_sea Pebbles joins Jin Designs It's delightful to have this lively new addition. It's been a long time coming. It's hoped that Pebbles will bring some interesting thoughts and ideas in this new chapter of Jin Designs.

First DayFirst Day

It always takes time to settle into a new job.

Initial MeetingInitial Meeting

First business meeting went well. Some interesting suggestions from the newcomer.

Getting to Know the ProductsPebbles

In these early stages Pebbles will be taking time to learn about all the products that are available at Jin Designs

Getting to know the CollectionsPebbles

Sitting Dog could take some time to get used to.