One Year On: Dedicated to a Special Friend

It's been almost a year since my good friend and neighbour, Penny, passed away. In fact it was this time last year when she went to the Martlets Hospice here in Hove. I remember it well. We spent some really lovely moments in the few years before she died but even right up to where her life had to end. I’m so grateful to have had those moments. Penny taught me so much about life and living and making the most of the time we have. I felt so privileged to have had that time with her.

Blue Tit Collection

I launched my Blue Tit Collection just after she died. She didn’t get to see the finished product but she did see the design and encouraged me to get it into production. I really wanted this one to be for her. I didn't realise until I was researching blue tits, what a special symbol these little birds are, bringing positivity and joy along with resilience. There couldn't have been a better design to dedicate to Penny. 

I promised last year that I would help raise money for the Martlets through the sale of my Blue Tit design and I will be making this donation next month - a year on from when Penny died. The Martlets are an incredible charity providing end of life care to many, many people here in Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area. 

Martlets Logo

I know Penny was incredibly grateful to them for the care they gave her and I know her family were too. And I can't thank them enough. This donation will hopefully help other families too to live life to the full when time is so precious. 

Me and Penny used to go out for walks and coffee, even when I knew she wasn’t really feeling up to it. But she’d go because she had this determination to live and enjoy her life, however ill she felt. She really pushed through some very difficult moments and her strength was so incredibly inspiring. It still is now.

There are a lot of people you meet in life. But there are some really special people. Penny was one of them. I got a chance to tell her that I would never forget her, and the kindness and warmth I felt from her at that moment I will never forget.  

Dedicated to my friend Penny - Backstamp

I put a special backstamp on the bottom of my Blue Tit Mug with a special dedication to Penny. There are just a few limited edition mugs with these backstamps. I gave the first handful to her close family members. The others will be out there somewhere. And one day you might turn your mug upside down and read the words "Dedicated to My Friend Penny".

So this is Penny and this is for her. Much loved and never forgotten. 

For Penny

If you are interested in purchasing from my Blue Tit Collection, a percentage of net sales generated from this, with a minimum donation of £1,000, will be donated to the Martlets Hospice.