New Wall Clocks Are Launched

A fabulous new addition to the product range has arrived! The new wall clocks are here to decorate walls and keep time in homes across the UK and beyond. As with all Jin Designs products, the designs are simple, the style is minimalist and the results are truly wonderful. Sitting Cat Wall Clock If you’re looking for a sophisticated style with an element of charm, these wall clocks are ideal - featuring all your favourite Jin Designs characters including Sitting Cat, Sitting Dog, Hedgehog, Fox and Penguin. Designer Jinny welcomed the arrival of the new clocks after weeks of designing and then working with her carefully sourced and trusted UK suppliers to produce the clocks. She commented “I’ve been wanting to introduce clocks to the product range for a while. In the age of digital technology, we tend to look at the phone, the laptop, the bedside radio or even the oven clock to tell the time. Sometimes it's a welcome break to take your eyes off the digital screen and look at something with more character. These clocks add a focal point on the wall and bring style and charm into the home." Clock-Fox-Closeup She went on to give an insight into the designs and said “These are the first products where I have been a little bit different with the design. Usually you will see the whole character from top to tail, placed in the bottom right corner. With these clocks, the characters on the clock are bigger and fill the clock face, but I’ve kept it well balanced. I didn’t want the clock mechanism touching the design, nor did I want the characters positioned in the centre of the clock - so I have kept them to the left or right, with plenty of white space. This not only gives it balance but it also makes it easier to tell the time.” Hedgehog Wall Clock “It's all about the attention to detail, and there’s a lot of thought that goes into each design. For instance, I thought about putting numbers on the clock face but I wanted to keep it minimalist. On the clocks where there is a grey background, this starts at 1 o'clock and ends at 7 o'clock. I'm sure a lot of the smaller, more subtle design features go unnoticed and are probably just fulfilling my obsessive need to have every design element ordered perfectly! But I think the general sense of balance and space is there for everyone to enjoy.” Rabbit Wall Clock “I’m really excited about bringing out these new wall clocks. I'm really pleased with them and I hope that there will be a few homes who will enjoy these. They have certainly livened up my living space and now there’s no excuse to be late for anything!” Sitting Dog Wall Clock A wall clock is a great way to add style to your interior as well as being practical. These designs would suit all kinds of homes - modern and traditional. Enjoy them in the kitchen, living room, office, workspace or studio. They are great as gifts for family and friends too, particularly for a housewarming, birthday or special occasion. See Wall Clocks