New Apron Coming Soon

Work has been going on behind the scenes to bring out new products in the popular designs. These last few weeks, focus has been on a new apron to add to the kitchen textiles. This is an exciting development which will hopefully be in stock and ready by mid-September.

Jin Designs Fabrics

The process is to find the right quality fabric for the work. Something that is machine washable and will retain it's shape and style. It needs to be hard-wearing and finished to a high standard. It's looking likely that this first run of aprons will be a light grey colour as an alternative to white. 

Jin Designs Apron

Here is a very rough first draft. This is to get an idea of the shape and design placement. Everything is measured to the exact millimetre before the artwork is prepared and sent to the manufacturers. 

Pebbles the Jin Designs Cat

Pebbles did her best to help with the decision making on the right fabric.

As with any small business, when you bring out a new product, you have to go carefully to test the market and make sure that the reaction is a positive one. If all goes well, there will be more designs and colours in the future. Watch this space!

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The Apron idea will be perfect to compliment your other kitchen ideas and maybe further along place mats. In Germany and Sweden they have flat boards they use as plates especially when spreading butter onto bread or crispbreads they don’t break as they are flat.
I have them in two sizes the smaller ones I use as side plates etc and the larger as plates or serving cold meats, hummus or whatever salad, cakes. The sizes are 30cm x 15cm and 30cm x 30cm x 5mm and they are double sided and different colours, very strong lamination so you can cut on them, will send a photo, I’m bias but maybe start with sitting cat 🐱 if you go ahead.

Dinah Green August 19, 2019

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