How Your Jin Designs Orders Come to Life - Behind the Scenes Warehouse Day

Ever wonder where the animals of Jin Designs live before they find new homes? Or in the real world, ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to get products to you? Well, here's a sneak peak!

When you place an order with Jin Designs, it makes its way to Designer Jinny and our fantastic warehouse team, who carefully pick it, pack it and post it to you.


In the early days, it was three years of Jinny herself picking, packing, and dashing to the post office to make sure orders were dispatched on time. But this was exhausting! The business was also growing so there needed to be a better solution.

After much searching, a great partnership was formed with a fulfillment company, giving Jinny the chance to focus on growing the business and trying to get some life back.

Recently, Jinny went to visit them to see how things were going. It’s a 2 hour drive to the warehouse in Essex so it's usually a well planned trip. She managed to meet the warehouse team, thank them for all the hard work - and restocked, sorted and stacked a few bits - and prepared the Winter creations for their busy period.

The animals of Jin Designs don't like to spend too long on the shelves of a warehouse, so it's always a useful trip for Jinny to catch up with them. There's usually a reassuring word or two that she's doing all she can to find them their forever homes. The joy of having a warehouse team is that she can now spend productive hours on marketing each week, and promoting her special creations to the UK and beyond.   

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