Duck's Gift Guide for Farm Animal Lovers

For many people there's an idyll attached to animals who live on farms. This could go back to childhood memories of summer holidays in the countryside or having a farm set to play with when young. Often, the first words children learn are the sounds farm animals make. When spotting sheep on hill slopes or in a book comes that endless sound of 'baa!' With pigs, it is that enthusiastic 'oink oink!' and let's not forget the joyful 'quack, quack, quack' when feeding ducks.

So, bearing all this in mind, we asked Duck to visit some friends on the farm and find out what they would recommend from the Farm Collection for the Jin Designs Gift Guide for Farm Animal Lovers.

1. Sheep Candle, Fresh Meadows

Sheep CandleSheep was in the meadow enjoying a warm afternoon when Duck waddled over. Sheep was thrilled that they could choose their favourite gift.
'It has to be the candle!' said Sheep. 'Farm animal lovers need the aroma of my beautiful meadow in their home.'
The hand poured mineral wax candle in a clear glass holder with Sheep on will fill your home with that 'Fresh Meadows' smell.
Imagine, the rolling green countryside with wild flowers. a hint of musk and earthy tones as you relax and dream of the great outdoors.
'If you really concentrate you might even hear Sheep bleating in the background.' said Duck.

2. Horse Mug

Horse MugHorse was busy frolicking in the paddock having great fun chasing the wind.
'I'd recommend Horse Mug because it is such fine quality bone chine and I'm on it!' declared Horse.
Duck nodded. 'Great choice Horse! It can fit under espresso machines too.'
'Indeed.' said Horse as he galloped off to the other side of the paddock..
'Horse Mug will also give farm animal lovers the chance to see you standing still for a while!' added Duck.

3. Pig Purse

Pig PurseDuck found Pig enjoying a mud bath.
'Sorry to disturb you.' said Duck and explained the task ahead. Pig , being of a happy disposition was most keen to help.
Pig chose Pig Purse. 'It is such good value. It even comes with an excellent quality enamel pin of me!'
The purse is made of strong canvas and the pin is made of hard enamel which makes this a charming gift for pig lovers.
'Pigs are often associated with saving money so you can always put your spare coins in the purse and have me keep them safe!' said Pig,
'Plus you do look rather fetching on the purse all scrubbed up.' quacked Duck.

4. Duck Worktop Saver

Duck Worktop SaverIt being Duck's turn to choose they had no hesitation. 'It's Duck Worktop Saver.' said Duck excitedly.
'For starters I look divine and for those who are partial to Runner Ducks or farm animals this is a great addition to any kitchen.'
Duck knows that the toughened, recycled glass will suit a modern or farmhouse style kitchen. Duck Worktop Saver is dishwasher safe, odour, stain and heat resistant and will protect your work surfaces. You can even use them to put nibbles on.
'Once again, this shows how Jin Designs combines elegance and durability without compromise.' said Duck before waddling off to find their friends.

5. Farm Collection Mugs, Set of Four 

Farm Collection Mugs, Set of FourDuck called a meeting. 'We almost have a completed Gift Guide for Farm Animal Lovers,' declared Duck.
'Just need the last one now.'
Sheep and Horse suggested coasters or placemats. Pig thought Duck should get to choose again.
Finally, it was decided and unanimous. 'Farm Collection Mugs!' said Sheep and Horse and Pig and Duck.

What a delightful gift they all had thought of. Maybe, childhood memories will be evoked as you sip your tea, coffee or even hot chocolate from them.
'The knack is...' said Duck, 'Is to resist making those farm animal sounds when you drink!'

All the animals laughed. A few whinnys, oinks and baas could be heard around the farm as everyone knew they had created a great gift guide for farm animal lovers.

'There's something for everyone.' said Duck as they waddled off quacking happily.