Donation to Cats Protection

Not everything in life is perfect and at Jin Designs this can be the case with products including ceramics. Some that don't pass the high qualities and standards set here are donated to good causes. This month Jin Designs has donated all side plate seconds to Cats Protection to help them raise much needed funds for the charity. Cats Protection The National Cat Adoption Centre is a feline care facility in the heart of Sussex. At any one time they can be looking after up to 200 cats and kittens and provide a homing and neutering service. They also provide education to visitors to help to improve the understanding of cats and their care. Thanks to a team of dedicated staff and volunteers they successfully find new homes for more than a thousand cats and kittens every year. Jin Designs is proud to be able to help with fundraising efforts. There is already a selection of Jin Designs products in the Cats Protection Shop. But the arrival of the side plates offers choice and value to visitors who support the charity.