Best Uses for Zip Bags

Have you seen the new Jin Designs Zip Bags? These brand new products originally started life as makeup bags but it was soon changed when realising they could hold a lot more than makeup! A zip bag can be used as a wash bag, makeup bag, travel bag or even a pencil case. Use them in the home or when you are travelling. Woodland Zip Bags, Makeup Bags The bags are all handmade using quality 100% cotton canvas. They are currently available in four designs from the new Woodland Collection including Fox, Badger, Hedgehog and Rabbit. Bunny Makeup Bag The canvas on the front features the design and on the reverse is a contrasting plain steel grey colour, with a Jin Designs label neatly sewn in. There is a black zip along the top and the inside wash proof lining is white. The bags can be hand washed at 30°C. Badger Bag They make lovely gifts particularly if you know any fox fans, badger admirers, hedgehog lovers and bunny owners. So here are the uses: 1) Makeup Bag - Use your zip bag as your makeup bag and fill it with lipstick, powder and paint. The nylon lining inside is white so you can see your items and it's wash proof too for easy cleaning. 2) Toiletry Bag - add your small travel essentials like shampoo, hair gel, shower gel to your toiletry bag and take it on your travels with you. 3) Pencil Case - Use it for pencils and pens, rulers and compass. 4) Travel Bag - big enough to fit a passport, wallet, keys and other handy items you might need when you go away. 5) Small Tool Bag - suitable for holding small tools like screwdrivers, pen knives and pliers. Gift for Hedgehog Lovers So that's it! There's lots of uses and there are sure to be more than those listed above. The zip bags are suitable for young and old, male and female so please enjoy these unique designs or give them as gifts to family and friends. See the Zip Bags »