Why We Love Dolphins - and why they are the next Jin Designs Collection

If you've ever been lucky enough to spot dolphins in the sea, you'll know what delight this brings. With the launch of the new Dolphin Collection by Jin Designs, it's time to investigate what exactly is it about dolphins that captures our hearts?

Dolphins in the sea

Dolphins are mammals and there are many similarities between them and us humans. There's even DNA evidence which suggest these creatures were once-upon-a-time land-based mammals just like us. We are talking millions of years ago but through evolution, dolphins have made many adaptations into the magic beings they are today.

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent. Their brains are complex. They can use tools. This is rare behaviour in the animal world. The Australian bottlenose dolphin will wear a sea sponge on its nose for protection when rooting around the ocean floor for food. They can communicate together through clicks and whistles. They even have names for each other.

Dolphins are very social creatures forming strong bonds with their pods. They work together to hunt for food and care for their young - they even play games. The communities they live in are loosely formed in which individuals move freely from group to group. A bit like us humans. This strong sense of community is something we can relate to which makes them even more adorable in our eyes.

Dolphins in the sea

Dolphins are playful. Watching dolphins leaping and spinning and surfing the waves is pure joy. Their playful nature is a useful reminder of the importance of finding fun in everyday life and the beauty of connecting with nature. 

Connection to the Sea: Dolphins are a window into the sea world. There's a vast world we don't know about but seeing dolphins gives us a connection to the underworld and a chance to learn about creatures who were once upon a time living on the land, just like us.

Sadly, dolphins face threats like pollution, habitat loss and entanglement in fishing gear. The most common killer of dolphins is the fishing net. Whilst admiring a dolphin on the side of your mug each day isn't going to help their plight, it might serve as a reminder to support a marine based charity for example Marine Conservation Society, Surfers against Sewage or Sea Life Trust

Sussex Wildlife Trust and Jin Designs

As a brand partner of Sussex Wildlife Trust, Jin Designs supports the work the trust does for local marine life on the south coast. There's certainly a lot more we could all do if we want to continue to experience the pure joy and connection that dolphins and other sealife bring. 

Dolphin Collection by Jin Designs

The Jin Designs Dolphin Collection celebrates the beauty of these wonderful creatures. With a playful design featuring two dolphins together, it's a symbol of their strong social bonds and love for life. It's no wonder they have become the next design collection.

By bringing a piece of the collection into your home, you can not only celebrate these amazing animals, but also inspire a deeper connection with the ocean and a desire to protect its wonders.

See the Dolphin Collection

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