Alternative Uses for Mugs

It can be a common household problem - too many mugs in the cupboard and there's always one teetering on the edge. Sooner or later you may or may not end up with a breakage. Well, how about finding other ways to use your mugs and not just for tea and coffee. The more special the mug, the more reason to put it out on show and give it a new lease of life. Sitting Cat Mug Planter
      1. Turn your mug into a planter for herbs. This way, you will get to see your special mug in the kitchen every time you go in there and, when picking which mug to use for this purpose, you can match it with the colour of the herb and create a stunning and unique little kitchen feature. Why not use a bright floral mug to keep your basil in or a bright white mug for a dark purple basil variation?
      2. Use your mug to store pens and pencils. This is a classic and but there is a reason that it has been done before, it’s so practical! Moving desk? Bring your pens and pencils along by simply lifting them up in the mug with the handle. No more dropping your utensils all over the table and having to scramble before they fall onto the floor. In the studio here, Sleeping Cat Mug is the perfect companion for pencils and pens. It looks adorable and is a good companion on the desk.Cat Mug with Pencils
      3. You cannot deny that a mug filled with something delicious makes for a great surprise. If you’re looking for a fun gift for somebody or want to have a sneaky place to keep your chocolates then why not try putting them in a nicely decorated mug? This lovely Sitting Dog makes for the ideal protector of treats and no-one would ever think to look there so you’re safe from the chocolate thieves.
Sitting Dog Mug with Chocs
      1. Hold your jewellery in your most loved mug and keep it in your bedroom to admire whenever you want!
      2. You can also use a mug for serving a delicious dessert. If you’ve run out of bowls or are bored of your existing selection, why not present your pudding in a mug? You can even make a cake in a mug, all you need is a microwavable mug and a microwave, then pick whatever flavour you like and find a simple recipe online! This one comes with a warning though, once you know how to make a serving of cake in a few minutes, you are likely to become hooked!
      The mugs mentioned above come from the following collections:
Sitting Dog
Sleeping Cat
      which are available now. What is your favourite alternative mug use? Let us know in the comments below.