8 of the Best Animal Themed Gifts

Animals and wildlife can make us feel humbled and bring enormous joy. The sighting of a shy fox is enchanting for most, and seeing sheep in fields reminds us of springtime and childhood. By having animal themed gifts in your home, especially if you have children around or coming to visit, it's a great way to learn about nature. It is, afterall, the next generation who will continue to be responsible for the welfare of our animals and their habitat.

Even as adults, we can enjoy giving gifts for animal lovers to help celebrate their magnificence in our own homes.

Jin Designs has come up with the perfect gift guide for animal lovers. If you are passionate about animals, wildlife and nature you will love these choices. This is called the 8 of the Best Animal Themed Gifts because, not only are there 8 animal themed gifts for you, there are also some fascinating facts about each animal. 

1. Badger Lover Gift Bundle

Did you know that the earliest traces of badgers in the UK date back to over half a million years? With them being around for this long it is no wonder we love them so much. Although their habitation has been reducing, their numbers are slowly increasing.

Jin Designs charming Badger Lover Gift Bundle makes a perfect animal themed gift. It comprises of a fine bone china mug, on which Badger stands. There is a high quality zip bag which can be used for a variety of purposes and a charming enamel pin. This is indeed worthy of being in this best guide.

2. Hedgehog Mug

Did you know that over ten different hedgehogs may visit your garden over a period of a few weeks? Much is being done to keep the hedgehog safe so their numbers can start to grow. There are ways you can help them which you can find out about in Making Friends with the Gardeners Friend.

If you don't have a garden then Jin Designs Hedgehog mug is an ideal gift for animal lovers. You can bring the outdoors indoors and take joy from your very own Hedgie each time you have a cup of tea or coffee from this hand decorated, fine bone china mug.

3. Fox Coasters, Set of Two
Did you know a group of foxes is known as a 'leash' or a 'skulk'? Foxes live in small groups but go out alone to get food. For the wildlife enthusiast a chance sighting of a fox is magical. It can feel such a privilege being so close to a fox. Jin Designs Best Guide for animal themed gifts simply had to include this enchanting animal. Not only are the coasters going to save your table from stains, they will brighten up any animal lovers home.

4. Sitting Dog Zip Bag
Did you know that a dog's sense of smell is anything from 10,000 to 100,000 times more accurate that humans? No wonder they can detect things better than us including our own emotions! Sitting Dog Zip Bag is going to delight anyone who loves dogs. It is versatile in its use from cosmetics, toiletries or even as a pencil case. The trusty dog design represents a loyal companion gazing into the distance, no doubt smelling out fresh meadows and possible food.

5. Cat Placemats, Mixed Set of Four
Did you know if you love cats you are an 'ailurophile'? The word comes from Greek 'ailouros' meaning cat and from Latin, 'phile' meaning lover. Jin Designs wonderful placemats will grace the dining table or breakfast bar in any cat lover's home. As animal themed gifts go they get a full 10 out of 10. They are not only practical but look good enough for your own cat to approve.

6. Penguin Enamel Pin
Did you know that not all penguins live in the antarctic? The Galapagos penguin stays nice and warm by living near the equator. In some breeds the male incubates the egg whilst the female hunts for food. Some penguins are so devoted they remain together for a life time. Jin Designs Penguin Enamel Pin is a gift that can be worn on a lapel, a scarf or even placed on a bag. And did you know that penguins are classed as seabirds? This makes it a little harder to include them in this animal-lovers gift guide but it's possible your animal loving friend won't be disappointed if you were to present them with this thoughtful gift. 

7. Sheep Lover Gift Set
Did you know that sheep have excellent peripheral vision? Their large rectangular pupils allow them to see 360 degrees. This means they can see behind them without turning their heads which is probably why they run away if you try to approach them!

Jin Designs best guide offers a special gift set which is suitable for all sheep lovers. It includes a bone china mug with Sheep neatly standing, and it comes in a beautiful gift box with a sheep enamel pin. The enamel pin is ideal because you can fasten it securely and not worry about sheep running away!

8. Pig Purse
Our final animal lover themed gift is Pig Purse. Did you know pigs are remarkably fast? They can run up to 11 miles per hour which equates to running a 7 minute mile! The pig purse is an attractive gift to keep your cards or keys or loose change in. It is a part of Jin Designs Farm Collection and the bright piggy design on the high quality purse is enough to delight all pig lovers.