Warm Welcome: 5 Tips for a Cosy Home this Autumn

Can you believe it's autumn already? In the UK, autumn officially runs from 23rd September to 22nd December, calculated by the Earth's axis and orbit round the Sun. Basically that means the days are getting shorter and the cold weather is approaching! It's always sad to say goodbye to summer but autumn always brings a sense of change and excitement. As the kids go back to school and the new academic year begins, autumn can be an interesting and productive time. And why not prepare your home for change with Jin Designs 5 Tips for a Cosy Home this Autumn:

1) Step into the season with warmth and comfort


As the leaves change and the weather turns cooler, it's essential to keep the outdoors where it belongs—outside. An indoor doormat can be a significant addition to your autumn home. Not only does it help keep your floors clean from the inevitable rain and leaves, but it also adds a touch of seasonal charm to your hallway. Choose doormats with autumn-inspired designs like Hedgehog, or Robin to create a warm and inviting first impression for your guests. It's a practical way to embrace the season while maintaining a clean and cosy indoor environment.

2) Get cosy with your favourite mug


Hedgehog Mug


Having a favourite mug to call your own and keep you warm throughout autumn and winter is an absolute must. Waking up to a nice cup of tea is even better when it’s in your favourite mug. There's something comforting about holding onto something that's personal to you. Perhaps you like to enjoy a different mug for a different season. Choose your favourite companion for autumn, perhaps a character from the Woodland Collection.

3) Get organised

Desk Mat


If you or someone you know is starting college or university, or going back to work, then help them to get organised. The best kind of organisation is a practical desk mat. Desk mats are great for keeping your workspace organised. It adds an extra layer of warmth on the desk where wrists and hands can feel the cold. It also lightens the room! A little bit of style and charm on the desk can help them through the working day.

4) Bring the outdoors in with an autumnal theme

Woodland Mugs and Tray

Who can deny that one of the best things about Autumn is being able to spend nights in being snug. That means it’s time to get the blankets out, decorate your living room with rugs, candles and cushions. But don't let it stop there. Think autumn leaves and woodland creatures

5) Embrace the Autumnal Aromas

Hedgehog Candle


As the evenings grow longer and the chill sets in, there's nothing quite like the warm and inviting scent of autumn filling your home. You could add some fragrant autumn candles to make your place warm and cosy. Candles not only bring light but also fill your space with scents of the seasons. Whether it's the comforting scent of rhubarb and vanilla, or the earthy notes of sandalwood, lighting one of these candles can transform your surroundings into a comforting autumn haven. 

With autumn unfolding and the world outside beginning to change, let your home be a reflection of the warmth and comfort this season brings. With these five tips, you can create cosiness and charm in your living space. Your home is your sanctuary, and it really is the perfect canvas to show your love for autumn. 

Ready to embrace the warmth and charm of autumn in your home? Explore Jin Designs' autumn additions: discover Candles, Blankets, Desk Mats, and Doormats. Or, find your perfect autumn companion on a luxury fine bone china mug.

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