3 Step Guide to Celebrating International Cat Day 2022

International Cat Day falls on 8th August every year. It's a great opportunity to celebrate our wonderful feline friends. But if you want to know why there is an International Cat Day and how you could celebrate, here's the answer. 

International Cat Day with PebblesInternational Cat Day, or World Cat Day, was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. It's a day to raise awareness for cats and to learn about ways to help and protect them. There is also a National Cat Day in the US and UK which falls on 29th October. You can never have too many days to celebrate cats!

Here's a very simple 3 Step Guide to Celebrating International Cat Day.

1) Donate some much needed funds to your local cat charity or cat rescue centres or donate to Cats Protection 

The best way to get involved is through donations or supporting your local or national cat charities. Cats Protection in the UK do a great deal of fundraising efforts that you can get involved with. The charity is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming stray, unwanted or homeless cats and educating people about cats and cat welfare. It is one of many cat charities from across the world who go to enormous efforts to help look after our wonderful furry friends. 

2) Bake some treats for your cat - try these Simple, Healthy and Homemade Cat Treats using just 2 ingredients - tuna and egg. Delicious and easy to make. 

3) Post a photo of your cat on social media and use the hashtag #InternationalCatDay or #WorldCatDay - this will help raise awareness of the day whilst at the same time showing off your lovely moggie.

If you don't have a cat, you could post a photo of your favourite cat product from around the home.

Or if you have a cat AND a favourite cat product around the home, you could post them both together!

Here's the very beautiful Fazzo sent in by customer Louise (@mrslouiseharvey) who has found great comfort in sitting on her worktop saver. 
Fazzo the Cat

And here is Tilly, sent in by customer Johannes, looking very pleased with her new Cat Coasters and Placemats that she thinks, and very rightly so, have been based on her. 

Tilly the Cat

And finally, here's Pebbles, Jin Designs much loved cat, wondering if there's anything tasty in her Jin Designs Cat Mug.
Pebbles the Jin Designs Cat

Do you have a photo you'd like to share? Post it on social media or send it to Jinny at Jin Designs. Enjoy the celebrations!