Time out

Last weekend was spent high in the mountains in Switzerland. It was lovely to get away and see something beyond the studio and Jin Designs. As much as I love my job, this was the first holiday for a long time and much needed. If you run your own business you'll know how difficult it is to take time off, but also to find space to be creative when your focus is on trying to sell and market your products. Switzerland For a few days in the Swiss mountains, I tried not to think about work. It was hard. Even with this kind of scenery. I think I was hoping to find inspiration, new ideas, creativity. In the end I took the pressure off myself and decided not to think about that at all. What I did think about a lot was how do you measure success? I've always had in my head that I want to be successful, to make something of myself. But how do you measure this? Most of the time we compare ourselves to others - to judge how far we've come or how far we are going. Or through how much money we can make. It doesn't seem a healthy way to live. Mountains So this time out helped me to reassess where I'm going and what I'm doing and what I've achieved so far. Yes it's a struggle trying to get a business off the ground. They say it takes years. When I first launched my home and giftware, I never imagined how hard it would be. There's a lot of rejection to deal with. You have to accept that not everyone will like what you do. But some people will. And you just have to keep finding those people. Most of the time it's not because people don't like your product, it's because the people that do like your product don't know you're there. So you have to shout LOUDER. To reach the people that matter. It's not easy. But if you believe in what you do and enjoy what you do you have to keep going. You also have to accept that there will always be someone else doing better than you, or being more 'successful' than you. Sometimes you just have to stop looking at everyone else and focus on your own success. And measure success in your own way. What do you do best, what gives you satisfaction, what makes you happy. Grindelwald And take time out. There's a life out there. It's pretty beautiful. Find a healthy balance and don't let it pass you by. Jinny Ursell Designer / Owner