The story behind 'Hove Actually'

When Jin Designs first moved to Brighton it was a common occurrence to hear the words 'Hove Actually' from the locals. It took a while to work out why the word 'Hove' was followed by the word 'actually' but a bit of research soon found the answer.

Hove Actually


Rumour has it that the origin of the phrase came from the locally resident actor Laurence Olivier. Over the years, it seems the phrase was used with humour by most (and a certain amount of snobbery by others) as the people of Hove Actually distanced themselves from their noisy neighbours in Brighton.

In the 1990s Hove Borough Council turned it into a slogan to attract tourism to the town which was separate to Brighton.

However, in 1997 it was decided that the two towns would be better as one so they unified and were granted city status in 2000. Despite Brighton & Hove being one city, it looks like the phrase has firmly stuck. When most people ask ‘Do you live in Brighton?’ the reply from its Hove residents is usually... yes, you’ve got it now, ‘well, Hove Actually.’

Jin Designs is proud to put Hove Actually on the map - although equally pleased to be next to the creative hub that is Brighton.

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