The Meaning and Symbolism Behind the New Candle Mug by Jin Designs

It's the latest Jin Designs creation. And it's bringing light into your life! A beautiful white fine bone china mug featuring a simple Candle design has now joined the collections. But where did this design come from? What's the meaning behind it and who could you gift it to? If you're asking yourself these questions then read on. 

Candle Mug is for all occasions - whether it’s a celebration, a remembrance or simply for taking a moment to pause and reflect. 

Candlelight symbolises all kinds of heart-warming moments in life - births or anniversaries. But it can also symbolise more reflective moments - remembering someone special or a loved one who has passed. It’s a symbol of peace, hope and comfort.

This original design was inspired after the UK and the world went through the passing of the Queen and subsequent feelings of loss this brought up for a lot of people. It felt like a moment to pause and reflect.

The design was shared with trusted Jin Designs Customers and the response was in no doubt. Candle brought comfort and light to many people.

Candle Design by Jin Designs

The power of candlelight is timeless and its symbolism can evoke a range of emotions - from joy to sadness, hope to despair. Candles can be used as a tool for healing and inspiration, allowing us to remember those we have lost or cherished in our lives. It offers comfort and assurance during times of grief while helping us to remember our loved ones.

On a cheerier note, candles can be a great source of celebration too. As with all Jin Designs creations, it’s for you to decide how you’d like to enjoy this special Candle Mug.

So why not gift a Candle Mug to a special person in your life? 

Whether it's for an anniversary, birthday or just because you are thinking of them. It's a thoughtful and meaningful gift that shows you care. If you need more reasons to gift a mug then read 5 Reasons Why Giving a Mug as a Gift is a Perfect Idea for more inspiration.

Candle Mug is available in two sizes - Standard and Large. There's even an optional Jin Designs gift box with the Standard size.

Some of the reasons you might give Candle Mug as a gift are as follows:

  • For a birthday celebration
  • For an anniversary
  • For a special occasion
  • For the passing of a much loved human
  • For the passing of a much loved pet
  • To let them know you're thinking of them
  • To show your appreciation 
  • To remember those loved and lost
  • For peace, love and comfort 
  • To light up someone's life

Where there is light there is hope. Where there is a Candle Mug, there is usually warmth and a nice comforting cup of something special. Enjoy!