Time to Spring Forward

Each year, towards the end of March, the clocks will 'spring' forward by one hour. This will be the start of British Summer Time. The not so good news is you will lose an hour in bed. The good news, however, is Jin Designs has a range of attractive wall clocks to mark the change. There are 9 beautiful animal designs to choose from. You might even learn a few bits about why we alter the time as you decide on your favourites. 

All clocks are made with high quality materials, they are stylish and ideal for your kitchen, living room, study or studio.


Hedgehog Wall Clock

One of the advantages of British Summer Time is the hedgerows begin to come alive with tiny flowers and insects and hedgehogs stir from their hibernation.

HedgehogJin Designs very own Hedgie is beautifully posed on Hedgehog Wall Clock with a high quality laminated matt print. The clock's metal hands and silent sweep movement make changing time a joy, especially as it's 'springing' forward for those lighter days. If you don't get a glimpse of a hedgehog in your garden you will still have Hedgie to look at every day on Hedgehog Wall Clock.

Horse Wall Clock

Horse ClockIt was back in 1916 that Daylight Saving Time was introduced in the UK. Farmers were able to work longer hours in the additional daylight which was especially useful during the First World War. Horses were used to plough fields and clear the land to grow much needed food the population. On smaller farms horses played the important role of carrying water, turnips and hay to cattle.

Jin Designs Horse Wall Clock is a gentle reminder of the invaluable part horses have played in our history and ideal for any horse lover's home.

Seagull Wall Clock

Seagull ClockChanging clocks to British Summer Time has many advantages, not just for farmers, but for energy consumption which helps the environment. The leisure and tourism industry also benefits from clocks 'springing' forward as do seagulls! Yes, those bold creatures who stalk tourists for food and are far from being shy about stealing the odd chip or two. 

Jin Designs Seagull Wall Clock will remind you of summer holidays soon to come and the cheeky seagulls you may encounter.

Penguin Wall Clock

Penguin ClockDid you know over 70 countries use Daylight Saving Time in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere? You might think this is bad news for Penguin but think again! Penguins nest and breed in islands surrounding Antarctica during their summer which is October to February.

Although clocks do not need to be changed there they are changed so as to keep in sync with the rest of the world. In Antarctica during the summer months the sun is always in the sky and doesn't set at all. Imagine that! The closest we had to that much light was Double Summer Time during World War Two. Penguin Wall Clock is perfect for Penguin Lovers and will keep you on track with the days too.

Sheep Wall Clock

Sheep ClockNothing quite says 'spring' like the arrival of new born lambs. March and April are peak lambing time. A staggering 16 million ewes give birth in the UK! There's no doubt then the extra daylight will make this event a lot easier for farmers. 

Jin Designs Sheep Wall Clock is a delightful addition to any wall in your home.
If you cannot get out to the countryside or to a farm, you will see the cutest Sheep when you look at the time and be reminded of spring.

Sitting Cat Wall Clock

Cat ClockSitting Cat doesn't really mind what time of year it is. Cats are just as comfortable when the clocks go forward or backwards. During winter they sleep as happily by a log fire as they do in sunshine during the summer but that's cats for you!

On Sitting Cat Clock you can imagine them on a warm summer evening surveying all around them.

Jin Designs Wall Clocks are a perfect gift,  not just for telling the time, but for decorating the walls of your home. You do not have to have just the one design, you can have your favourite ones in different rooms. Whatever you do decide just do not forget to change the time on your Jin Designs Clock by one hour!


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