6 Alternative Gifts and Ideas to Enjoy on Valentine's Day

Here is something different. 6 alternative ways to enjoy Valentine's Day. These are gifts and ideas for those who fancy being a part of the ever changing face of Valentine celebrations. Even those of you who would prefer to ignore it completely, may be persuaded to take a look. And you might even be surprised to learn how Valentine's day is not just for lovers!

Valentine's Alternative GuideTraditionally, Valentine's Day is celebrated on the 14th February. It is a celebration associated with lovers and there are several ideas about who Valentine was which you can read about in What is Valentine's and why do we give gifts

The Alternative Valentine's Day

Here are 6 alternative gifts and ideas to enjoy on Valentine's Day.

1. Spoil your cat with a CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed
CatLoaf Cat Scratcher Bed
Yes! You have read that correctly. After all, these are 'alternative ways' to enjoy the 14th of February! If the love of your life is your cat then they most certainly know they deserve a special gift. Should your cat like to loaf then look no further than CatLoaf Scratcher Bed. Made from high quality eco-friendly materials, this is pure luxury. It is a great gift for your cat to scratch, stretch, sleep, and it is perfect for perfecting the cat loaf pose.

2. Send someone a Robin Enamel Pin
Robin Enamel Pin
A suitable token of love and care comes in the shape of Robin Enamel Pin. The symbolism of a Robin is, love, new beginnings, renewal and good luck. Robins have also become known as a sign from a lost loved one being close by. If you know someone who has lost someone special, or needs a token of good luck then this pin is a perfect gesture of love, and care. It can be pinned to scarves, clothes, bags, and on pencil cases.

3. Have a TV dinner with a Jin Designs Tray
Jin Designs Tray
If you're living alone, you can use Valentine's day to treat yourself to tasty food, or some goodies. Sometimes, we forget to put ourselves first, so some self love is important. It's so easy to not do something special but how about using Valentine's day to really treat yourself? A Jin Designs Tray is a perfect way to eat your food and watch your favourite movie at the same time. You can choose from a collection of stylish, high quality serving trays. An alternative Valentine gift to yourself because you deserve it.

4. A Gift for Chocolate Lovers - Love and Kindness Mug and Chocolate Gift Set

Bring a bit of Love and Kindness to any relationship. And as this is an alternative way to spend Valentine's day, the couple can be two friends, or sisters, or a mother, and daughter twosome. Whatever the combination, this gift set is one to enjoy together. The set includes 2 stylish mugs and 2 delicious bars of sustainably sourced British made chocolate. You can't go wrong with a mug and chocolate combination.

5. A Lucky Penguin Keyring Gift
Penguin Keyring
Whether it's for yourself or someone you love, Penguin Keyring is a touching gift. Penguins are community creatures. They live in colonies, and they help one another with feeding, and survival. They mate for life, and both parents help to raise their young. Penguins have become synonymous with protection, and community, and renewal. They are a symbol of the love of platonic friends, lifelong partnerships and loyalty too. This keyring is high quality silver plated featuring Jin Designs very own Penguin. It's a gift that can give such a strong message of love, and care to a friend, or family member. They can use it for their keys or as a charm to bring them luck, and love always.

6. A Final Alternative Gift Idea for Valentine's Day
Jin Designs Mugs
This alternative idea is a bit of fun. It's Find The Jin Designs Mug That Reminds You of Someone you Love! Take a look at the wonderful mug collections, and choose the one that resembles or reminds you of someone you love. Do you have a Fox in your life, or a cool Polar Bear? Perhaps you have a cute Bunny, or a Sitting Cat? Jin Designs guarantees you'll not only have great fun deciding what mug to choose, you'll also love sending it to that special person.

Valentine's Day, although of unknown origins, has not been entirely about Cupid's arrows, and roses. It's been about a celebration of love for all from children, to dear friends, lovers, to our pets.

The most valuable gift we have is love, and sharing it far and wide is a remarkable act indeed.