#PebblesPrompts - Instagram Challenge

Here's a challenge to keep you and your cat occupied during the current lockdown. Much loved Pebbles, consultant at Jin Designs, has come up with a series of Instagram Prompts suitably called #PebblesPrompts to help keep cats and humans entertained and to give an insight into those we love to follow on instagram. There's one for each day of the month in April. 


The idea is for your cat to share a bit more about their life, what they like to do and where they like to hang out. Share this with your instagram community and find out more about your instagram friends too.

How to take part

The challenge starts on 1st April 2020. Any cat and human can take part - although Pebbles has said that dogs are also allowed to join in if they must. Indeed any pet is welcome. 

All you need to do is post a photo on Instagram for each day of the month and follow the prompt of that day. Make sure you tag it with #PebblesPrompts to take part and follow Pebbles for inspiration! You can find her on Instagram under the name of @pebbles_by_the_sea

Below are some ideas for the prompts for what you and your cat could share as each day goes by. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be purrfect. It's just for fun and will hopefully give you something to pass the time during this challenging period. I think a lot of fellow cat owners will be thinking 'thank goodness we have our cats' as we share our indoor space with our furry loved ones. But let's see what they think of the situation!

Remember, have fun with this. And if you miss a day, it doesn't matter, if you join late it doesn't matter. You can just dip in and out as you and your cat pleases. You know what they are like, they will do what they please anyway!

The Prompts

These are written for your cat (or pet) so please pass them on. 

1. Where I live

Where do you live? You could tell us where in the world or where your home is. You could perhaps share a photo of you outside your front door or in your living room. Let's see behind the scenes.

2. Who I live with 

Do you live with a human or two? Or perhaps other cats or even a dog? Or maybe some human children? Time to share a photo of you with your family members.

3. Indoor or Outdoor

Are you an indoor cat or outdoor cat? Are you sometimes found in your garden or sitting at the window? What's your preference?

4. Favourite Food

Do you have a special treat you like? or a certain dinner? Or something you're not supposed to have? Tell us what it is. 

5. Sleeping

Shut your eyes for this one and show us your best sleeping shot.

6. Instagram friends

Do you have any friends on Instagram? Anyone that needs a mention? Or perhaps there are several. How about giving them a shout out today. If you don't have a photo of them, you can post a photo of you and tell us about them. 

7. Guilty pleasures

Come on, spill the beans. Do you have any strange habits or things you get up to? Let's hear them. Better still, let's see them.

8. How old am I

You could post a photo here of when you were young, or perhaps a photo of you on your last birthday. Don't be shy, age is just a number.

9. Cuddles or not really

Do you like to cuddle? Or do you run a mile? You know humans don't like to leave you alone for very long. If you're not one for cuddles, show us your best frosty face. If you love a cuddle, who do you cuddle up to and let's see it. 

10. Favourite toy

Have you got an old favourite? You could post a video of you playing with it. Or if not, a photo will do. 

11. Paws

Time for a close up of those paws that the humans find so cute.  

12. Breed

Moggie or Pedigree, Bengal or Siamese, Ginger Tom or Tortoiseshell - or a mixture of everything. Tell us what you're made of.

13. Employed or leisurely

Do you work around the home? Do you help the human with studio or office or creative work? Perhaps you like to lie on the keyboard or walk all over documents. Or tread in paints and leave fur on the desktop. Show us your best working shot. Or if you don't work, show us your best relaxing shot. 

14. Best Meowdel face

If you were to be on the front cover of Cat Vogue, what photo would be your cover shot? Show us your best side. Give us your best shot.

15. Favourite hiding place

Where do you go for some quiet time? Where do you go to hide from the human? Show us your favourite spot to hide away.

16. Throw Back Thursday 

Let's see what you looked like as a little kitten, perhaps share a video of when you didn't even know what Catnip was. Anything from the past, whether it was 2 years ago or 10 years ago. 

17. Brothers or sisters

Do you have any siblings? Any fur brothers or sisters? Or maybe you have some that may not live with you, but are they somewhere out there in the world. Maybe you have a fellow animal that lives with you. Or perhaps a human brother or sister. Don't forget to tag them.

18. Least favourite visitor

Do you have a bird that visits the garden that you really don't like? Or perhaps a squirrel that you'd like to see the back of. Or maybe a dog or neighbourhood cat that passes by. Who's your least favourite? If you can get a picture of them great, if not, a picture of you looking for them would be just perfect.

19. Meow...

What do you sound like? Let's hear your meow if you can capture it. Or describe it if you can.

20. Words of wisdom

Have you got any special gems you'd like to share? Any wise words for our humans and cats.

21. Self care

Do you keep yourself clean? Let's see you in action. A video or still if you can keep still long enough.

22. Aspirations

Do you have any aspirations as to where you want to be in live? Think Grumpy Cat, Bob the Cat or maybe just Tiddles from down the road. Maybe you are content as you are. What do you think about when you are staring out of the window. Are you dreaming big or dreaming of last night's dinner?

23. Me and my human

Another chance to share your human with us. How did you meet and how do you tolerate each other. Do you live comfortably together? Or do they bother you too much? Or do you follow them around. Describe your relationship.

24. Fitness

How do you get your exercise? Do you like to run around? Play? Fight? Jump? Show us your best fitness moves.

25. Relaxation

Let's just chill today. Show us your best relaxed pose

26. Anything goes

Over to you. You pick something for today. What would you like to share?

27. Monday Motivation

How do you greet the working week? What motivation can you offer your fellow cats and humans? Let's see your best Monday shot. 

28. Tongue Out Tuesday

Let's join in on this very popular day for cats - #tongueouttuesday - show us your best tongue shot. 

29. Close up

You know the humans like to get close. What bits of you do they like best? Perhaps it's your face when you're sleeping. Or perhaps it's your whiskers, toe beans, eyes or ears. Let's get up close and personal.

30. Ask me something

This is the last prompt. Time to get those humans to do some work and ask you the questions. Get them to ask you something they want to know about you and your life. It's question and answer time. You could start it with "what would you like to know...?" Post your best photo here and get those questions started.