New Collection is Launched: Fun Fish makes waves at Jin Designs

Jin Designs is delighted to announce the launch of a new Sea Life Collection with the arrival of Fun Fish! As many of you know, Jin Designs is about clean lines and charming birds and animals. This time, it's all about the happy fish! 

Fun Fish Collection

The design features a handful of smiling fish as they jump and dance through gentle waves. Their journey through the water is captured in the signature Jin Designs style of clean and simple lines. It creates a look that's both stylish and refreshingly different. The new collectible collection is lighthearted and joyful and perfect for bringing a smile to your face (and your home) every day.

Fun Fish Mini Tray

Why Fish?

Fish have always symbolised freedom. They glide effortlessly through water, moving calmly through any sea, symbolising liberation and possibility. They are also a reminder of the beauty and wonder of the world we live in - and how we should treat these great wonders and all that live in them with love and respect.

Having designed several land-based animal collections, it was time to bring the sea closer to the humans. And you can't deny that humans love the sea. Often the sea holds happy memories, or has a calming effect, reducing stress and promoting feelings of peace.

The vastness and mystery of the ocean can be quite awe-inspiring and gives us a sense that something is bigger than ourselves, more powerful and there to be respected.

Fun Fish Collection

With the ever-changing colours and textures of the sea, it is certainly a beautiful thing to witness. These happy fish dancing in and out of the water captures a small piece of that beauty and is the perfect reminder of those days we love by the sea.

Could it be a gentle reminder to protect what we love too? With so much plastic in our oceans and seas, clogging up and killing what brings us joy, perhaps this new collection should serve as a celebration of what lies beneath. Let's treat it as carefully and respectfully in the sea as we like to do in our homes. 

Just the Beginning

The new Fun Fish Collection features a range of practical and delightful items.

Fun Fish Collection

Mug - start your day with a smile on your Fun Fish Mug - perfect for morning coffee or afternoon tea.

Fun Fish Mini Tray

Mini Tray - use them for serving small snacks or keeping your items of jewellery or trinkets organised.

Fun Fish Glass Worktop Saver

Worktop Saver - protect your kitchen worktop and add a splash of personality to your kitchen with Fun Fish

Jug - coming soon - a small half pint jug for serving and pouring, a delightful addition to the table 

Fun Fish Doormat

Doormat - welcome guests with a smile, a subtle reminder of happy seaside days

This is just the start of the Sea Life Collection. There are plans to expand with even more products and even more of your favourite sea-swimming creatures. So watch this space!

Like all Jin Designs products, Fun Fish feature primarily on UK made products. All tableware is decorated by hand by our trusty suppliers in Stoke-on-Trent, the home of the potteries. 

Whether you are treating yourself or finding a gift for someone special, dive into delight with Fun Fish and welcome these cheerful characters into your world.


Get organised
Practical Worktop Savers

Use a worktop saver to protect your worktop and prepare your meals. Sturdy, recycled glass but also stylish. Add a bit of personality to your kitchen and create space for prepping food. Easy to wipe clean too.