Martlets Hospice is this Year's Christmas Charity

Jin Designs will be donating 10% of all Christmas card sales to the Martlets Hospice this year. This is a local charity based in Hove that helps people who are affected by terminal illness. The hospice plays an important role in helping people live life as fully as they can right up to the end. It also helps the families that look after those that are ill. Martlets Hospice If you've ever known anyone who has been dying and has been cared for in a hospice, then you'll know how much places like the Martlets can help - both patient and family. It costs nearly £8,000 per day for the Martlets to provide care so donations are much needed for this charity. Jin Designs has a selection of Christmas cards you might be interested in including a special design for Brighton and Hove Actually. And not forgetting the people of Chorlton who also have their own card design this year. If you're looking for fun and simple card designs there's a lovely pack of 5 Christmas cards for you to send to family and friends. These card sales will help to raise money to the Martlets Hospice so it would be great if you could help in our efforts to donate money to this worthy charity. Many thanks!