Finding the Perfect Gift for a Cat Lover

Is there someone in your life that loves cats? The chances are there is. Living alone with cats is a growing trend and popularity for our furry feline friends is at an all time high. So the important thing is that you are able to find the perfect cat themed present when the time arises. And if the cat lover is you then the ‘time’ for a cat related gift is definitely now. Jerry and Sleeping Cat Here's some help for you with a list of top cat lover presents:
  1. A cat - there’s not too much more to say. If you’re catless and you love cats then it is probably time to change that. Cats can bring so much joy and love to life. You probably have a detailed list on which cats are best suited to you and your living space. Make the step if you feel ready. It will be the best present you could ever give yourself. There are hundreds of cats looking for homes if you feel you want to take on a rescue cat. Head to Cats Protection for further details.
  2. The next best thing after a real-life cat, if for some reason you can’t acquire one of those or if the cat lover already has one, is always going to be a gift with the image of a cat on it. Jin Designs has a beautiful collection of presents with different cat creations, including adorable Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat. From mugs to coasters, tea towels to worktop savers and even purses. There's lots of choice for all your cat related gift needs.
  3. Take them to a Cat Cafe! Cat cafes are popping up all over the world so have a look online where you closest one is and surprise them to a trip. What better way to spend time with a cat lover than surrounded by cats, coffee and cake! If you find yourself in LA, look out for Moon Cat Cafe. You'll not only find adorable cats to adopt but a selection of Jin Designs homeware to take home too!
  4. For an affordable cat themed gift, your cat loving friend would definitely cherish a nicely framed picture of their cat. If they are yet to fulfil their cat related dreams and don’t own one yet then a lovely photo or picture of one will lighten up their room instantly.
  5. A book about cats or a book which features a cat will be treasured by a cat lover. Ask in your local bookstore or charity shop if they have any cat books. Why not write a personalised note in the front cover for your friend or even better, accompany your gift with a handwritten note on a Sitting Cat Notecard.
Hopefully these suggestions will help you with ideas for your cat loving friends’ birthdays, Christmas presents, leaving gifts or a spontaneous ‘I appreciate you’ gesture. Are you a cat lover yourself or is someone you know cat obsessed? What is your favourite animal and why? Leave us a comment below!