Behind the Designs: New Moments Collection

The new Moments Collection by Jin Designs is stylish, simple and nothing like you've seen before. This special collection is designed to get you, your friends and family through virtually any moment in life. Sound too good to be true? Well, here's a brief interview with Designer Jinny who explains what's behind the new collection and how it came to life.

Q: What's so special about these mugs Jin?

A: Well, the most important thing is that they are helpful. The next important thing is they are stylish, and the third most important thing is that hot drinks taste great out of them so they are very practical! Oh and one more thing, they are sustainably made too. I'll tell you more about that later.

In terms of being helpful, these mugs are designed to see you through anything - perhaps you're starting a new job, training for a special event, running a business, falling in love or even going through a difficult time. They will accompany you throughout your day to day life and give you a little of what you need. 

Cup of Courage

Q: So would you say they are for special occasions?

A: Yes and no! These are really for keeping you positive and focused throughout the day. It may be that one day you just need a little bit of 'Courage'. Or at the end of the day, perhaps some 'Comfort'. And I think you'll agree we all need a little 'Patience' sometimes!

Someone once said to me, a mug is a mug. But a mug is so much more than that. We've covered this before in a previous blog post 5 Reasons Why Giving a Mug as a Gift is a Perfect Idea. It's something you use every day, something that sits with you throughout the day, it's something that could really help you. 

These mugs are special. There is nothing else like this. Not only can you visualise what you need, you can also drink it (in the form of your favourite beverage).

Q: That's great! So how many designs are there?

A: There are 7 Moments to choose from - there is a Cup of Determination, Resilience, Courage, Love, Patience, Kindness and Comfort. You can enjoy them on their own or you can buy the Set of 7 and have one for each day of the week! Or give them away to people you care about.

I focused on these words initially as I think they are really strong and positive words but also whilst we are used to hearing these words, we don't often see them written down and have them beside us. If you see something often enough, you may just believe it. That's what I'm aiming for with these. 

Jin finding inspirationQ: Where did you get the idea from?

A: It came to me one day, during lockdown. I just felt there was a lot of people in difficult situations and I know myself that some days can be harder than others. I wanted to find a way to help. I know there are probably a million other ways to be helpful but sometimes you have to focus on what you can do with the skills you have and in the situation you are in. So for me, working from my 2nd bedroom and trying to grow a business, this was the way I felt I could do it. 

Q: Where are the mugs made?

A: The mugs have been made exclusively for Jin Designs by Duchess China (established in 1888) - one of the few true remaining British Manufacturers of bespoke fine bone china.

Duchess Mugs

Q: Wow, that's great to be supporting British manufacturing. What about the process?

These mugs are delicate china and have been made to high standards by skilled crafts people using quality English fine bone china. Each one has been individually hand-decorated using traditional ceramic methods. Potentially over 20 pairs of hands can touch a single mug in the various stages of manufacturing. These mugs combine the very best in British design and manufacturing to help create a sustainable UK made product. 

Jin Visit to Duchess China

Q: So these are sustainable mugs?

A: Exactly that. If we can take steps towards using UK manufacturers, rather than importing, we are going to save a whole lot of energy on creating and supplying products. This will have a positive impact on the environment but also the local community. It is helping to retain key traditional industry processes as well as creating employment for local people. I realise we can't do this for all products, but where we can, we need to try. 

Q: How long did it take to design and produce the Moments Collection?

A: It's taken several weeks, actually, probably more like months. First there is the design side. This usually takes weeks. Coming up with the idea, designing the layouts, testing the mock ups, getting the artwork ready for production. Then there's production. Everything is carefully thought out. It's the small detail that I like to concentrate on. A couple of examples - you'll see the design on the front and back of the mug - not always the case with some mugs. The mugs have been screen-printed - not digitally printed which can fade quickly. The mugs themselves have been fired 3 times during production. And then once again with the design applied. Each mug is decorated by hand. This is skilled work but labour intensive. It takes time but it shows in the quality.

Jin Moments Mug Decorating

Once the mugs have been made and the designs applied, it's getting the product out there. So it's time for photography, writing content for the website, designing an email campaign, writing blog posts, designing graphics banners for the website, creating social media videos, the work is endless! But it's fun and it's the best part of doing what I do!

Q: What about the animals Jin? Will you be designing any more?

A: Of course! I love animals and these will continue. I realise more than ever what a comfort they are and have been. I'm looking forward to sharing more designs in the coming months. 

Q: Any last thoughts?

A: Well, this is a very exciting time to be launching my new collection. I'd love to see photos of the new mugs in action. We've had a really positive response already and I'm hoping my wonderful customers will share their #JinDesignsMoment

Cup of Kindness Mug

So pick your Moment, enjoy a hot drink, drink what you need and feel ready to face whatever comes your way.

Take a look at the new collection: