A Fair Success at Country Living

Last week Jin Designs exhibited the Country Living Christmas Fair for the first time. The fair was held over 5 days in London at the Business Design Centre and attracted thousands of visitors. It was a great opportunity to introduce the designs and products to the Country Living crowd who travelled far and wide to enjoy this annual festive event. Country Living Thanks Arriving on Tuesday there was much to do before the grand opening on Wednesday... Before With a bit of paint and some furniture (and maybe a few products) Jin Designs was ready for customers! Jin Designs Stand It was soon time to pounce on unsuspecting customers. Actually, these two travelled all the way from Wales and have been online customers of Jin Designs so it was great to finally meet them... Jin Designs Customers Country Living Christmas Fair was sold out on Saturday. This was the calm before the storm... Jin-DisplayStand-CountryLiving This was the most popular product over the 5 day fair. Lots of new homes were found for Sitting Cat and Sleeping Cat... Jin-DisplayStand-CatMugs A big thanks to everyone who came to visit Jin Designs, for all your purchases and for all your feedback. It's been a great experience and hopefully one to be repeated...

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