What is Sitting Dog Thinking About?

Some of you may be familiar with Sitting Dog who comes on a range of different, beautifully crafted homeware and gift items. This beloved friend is illustrated from behind and appears to be pondering something. Every dog lover will have wondered what’s going on in their furry friend’s brain. Unlike a human, of course, if you ask a dog what they’re thinking, it's unlikely you'll get an answer! So what really goes on in a dog's mind? Here is a little bit of an insight... Sitting Dog According to veterinary neurologist at NYC’s Animal Medical Centre, Dr. JP McCue, all mammals have similar brain structures and can perform the same basic functions. It has been estimated that a fully grown dog has the same level of cognition of a three to five year old human. They’re pretty intelligent beings and respond well to being trained. They can recognise where you’re pointing to, which bowl has the most food, they can alert you when they need to go out or when they want to be walked. Dogs are also used to performing really important roles from guiding the blind to detecting drugs, bombs and bodies. They have a larger portion in their brain for analysing smells than any other animals which are kept as pets. Their sensitive noses make it easy for them to associate different scents with memories. Studies have shown that dogs who are able to learn one thing fast and accurately are able to do the same for other things, suggesting that just like humans, some dogs are more intelligent all round than others. Sitting Dog Thanks to Jin Designs Customer Jessie from Richmond, US who let us use this lovely photo of her new Sitting Puppy, Maverick! Dogs are the oldest domesticated animals and they have learnt how to understand and communicate with us humans from thousands of years of being around us. They use cues from our body language, tones of voice and smells to work out what we’re trying to say to them. Dogs also experience feelings in a very similar way to us. They are able to feel happiness, optimism, fear, anxiousness and depression as well as jealousy. There has also been research findings which prove that dogs can present symptoms of post-traumatic-stress-disease. They understand different types of pain, not just physical pain but also emotional, just like humans do. It’s impossible to read a person’s thoughts and the same can be said for dogs, including our favourite furry friend, Sitting Dog. But you can't deny that they do make wonderful, loyal and clever friends. Sitting Dog Collection View the Sitting Dog Collection now.