What are the best gifts to impress a cat lover?

You think cats can be fussy. But have you met their humans?! Every cat lover is unique. So finding a gift to impress can be difficult. There are lots of cat lover gifts out there but not too many that are simple and understated. This is where Jin Designs can help. The selection below is an elegant range of some of the best gifts from the Cat Collections to impress the cat lover in your life.

1) Sitting Cat Letterbox Gift Set

Sitting Cat Letterbox Gift Set

This is the ultimate delight for Cat Lovers - a unique selection of cat lover gifts have been neatly presented in a letterbox size package. Open it up and you'll find a Sitting Cat Mini Chopping Board, a tin of Forget-me-not Seedballs, a Sitting Cat Enamel Pin and finally, a bar of hand crafted milk chocolate. It really is a special treat. You just have to make sure you're around for the unboxing!

2) Cat Collection Mugs, Set of Four
Cat Mugs, Set of FourThere are a lot of cat mugs out there, but none as simple or as elegant as these. English fine bone china is a luxury and will be sure to impress your cat lover. The mugs feature Sitting Cat, Sleeping Cat, Standing Cat and Crouching Cat each on their own mug. The mugs have been hand-decorated and finished to a high standard here in the UK. It's quite rare to find something as beautiful as this cat mug set. It can be used every day, or for special occasions. Guaranteed to impress!

3) CatLoaf Silver Keyring
CatLoaf KeyringSometimes it's the little gifts that can impress the most. And this one could be the one. CatLoaf is the latest Jin Designs cat creation - and a celebration of the "Cat Loaf" position that cat lovers and their cats love. CatLoaf is when a cat tucks their paws and tail underneath and basically look like a loaf. This keyring is the ultimate celebration and great for carrying keys. Or you can even attach it to a bag. The shiny finish is thanks to silver plating and the white enamel edging gives this a really classy finish. Any cat lover will be impressed by this but particularly those looking for something a little more modern, stylish and fun.

4) Sitting Cat Zip Bag
Sitting Cat Zip BagThis is the ultimate travel companion for a cat lover and will certainly impress because it looks good but is practical too. The cotton canvas bag is big enough to carry all travel essentials from makeup to small bottles. The design features Sitting Cat, a Jin Designs bestseller. Sitting Cat is a great reminder of the cat your cat lover may have left behind for a day or so. The bag is hand made, with a nylon wash proof lining and black zip. It's stylish and practical and much loved by cat lovers.

5) Crouching Cat Glass Worktop Saver
Crouching Cat Glass Worktop SaverFor cat lovers who enjoy time in the kitchen, or like to keep a stylish home, this could be the gift that impresses them. Worktop savers are designed to protect the kitchen or dining work surfaces. This one is made of recycled glass and features Crouching Cat - a popular Jin Designs cat creation. It will look great in your cat lover's kitchen. It can be used to chop, stand hot plates or present food. It really has lots of uses and adds charm and style. Also available in Sitting Cat.

Take a look at the Jin Designs Cat Collections for more ideas but hopefully this will help in your search to impress that cat lover in your life.