The Seagull has Landed

You either love ‘em or loathe ‘em but this one is definitely to love. Seagull has just flown in and is making a star appearance on high quality homeware and gifts. The design is simple, the style is sophisticated, the character is delightful. Seagulls are much loved seabirds and can now be appreciated in the home with this fantastic new design. Seagull Mug in Hands Seagull is the latest in a series of creatures with character to come from Graphic Designer, Jinny, who lives amongst the Seagulls in Hove on the sunny south coast of the UK. It’s the third design in a steadily growing collection of birds, following the popular Penguin and Robin. "I have to admit, when I first moved to Brighton I wasn't fond of Seagulls. They were unfamiliar to me and being the size of small dogs they felt quite intimidating. But as I got used to seaside living, I also got used to sharing the space with these intelligent birds, who I realised had much of a right to live here as I did." Seagull Zip Bag or Makeup Bag "It took me a while to design the shape. Me and Seagull fell out a few times during the creative process. But after many draws and redraws, we finally got there. And a beautiful friendship was formed." "As with all Jin Designs characters you'll only ever find one Seagull on your homeware and gift item. No repeat patterns. Just one friendly Seagull." Seagull Placemat with cup of tea and biscuits "I hope that it will be enjoyed by people who live by the sea and those who would like a reminder. There's nothing more like the seaside than a Seagull. And at least this one won't nick your chips!" Seagull Worktop Saver in the kitchen Seagull is currently available on fine bone china mugs, coasters, placemats, zip bags, worktop savers and wall clocks. See the Seagull Collection