The Making of Sheep

This was a lovely character to bring to life. There's something quite endearing about sheep. And this Sheep is no exception. The aim of my designs is always to keep it simple. Here's a brief video which shows the many variations of the design process to create this brand new character for you to enjoy on homeware and gifts. I try to create characters that are simple, stylish and charming - for people to like and love. I don't want to create cartoons, this is graphic design after all! So the aim is to keep a level of sophistication with each design.

It often takes hundreds of variations to get it right. And it's a process that takes several days and weeks. You can't rush these things. Each element has to be perfect. The design has to balance. It's quite time consuming but it's extremely satisfying when you get it right. And when it's right, you just know.

There's something different about Sheep. Can you tell what it is? This is the first character to include a smile. This was probably the hardest element of the design. It was getting the smile right! Too smiley and it didn't look right. No smile and it lacked character. I think I got the balance there in the end. It's certainly a friendly face to enjoy. I hope you like this one.

Sheep joins Horse in what is slowly becoming a Farm Collection. Can you guess what might be next?