The Joy of Our Pets

Jin Designs has been offering fine quality gifts for pet lovers for quite a few years now so we understand the joy our customers have for their pets.

Our animal design homeware sits comfortably in the homes of pet lovers and animal lovers all over the world but what is it that makes us love our pets so much?

We know everyone will have their own notion about this question so we thought we would do a little research.

Throughout history animals have featured in our lives. The wolf was the first animal to be domesticated by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

This relationship was one that would have involved hunting, herding and protecting property, but over time, as the wolf became more domestic, the relationship would have developed into one of companionship. 

Jin Designs Gifts for Dog Lovers celebrate the special bond between dog and human. You can see how Sitting Dog looks out as if surveying the wide open spaces to run and play, or waits patiently for treats - there are so many unique and wonderful ways in which dogs feature in our lives.

Sitting Dog MugGifts for Dog Lovers - Sitting Dog Mug

The Ancient Greeks kept dogs in special sanctuaries. It was believed that dogs had the ability to cure and heal people, which is not too far from what we think and know today.

Florence Nightingale pioneered the idea of Animal Assisted Therapy which focused mostly on dogs and cats back then.

From dogs to cats, horses to pigs and rabbits to ducks, the list is endless, these all offer humans emotional support. 

It has been widely recognised that animals can help with loneliness, anxiety, depression and chronic illness. Living with a pet, such as a dog, will help us socialise more and go out for a walk to meet people and get some fresh air and exercise.

Dogs also provide disabled people with a quality of life by being their eyes and ears or looking out for other health issues as well as giving invaluable companionship.

Of course, as wonderful as they really are, it is not all about dogs! Cats are emotional support animals too and it has been medically proven that they can reduce the risk of heart attacks.

The Ancient Egyptians held cats in the highest esteem. There are murals, statues, jewellery and tombs filled with images of cats being worshiped and treated like gods.

As any cat lover knows, not much has changed there! Jin Designs Gifts for Cat Lovers are far from being ancient relics but they do depict how special cats are. You only have to look at the bone china cat mugs and bone china cat plates to see
how calm, elegant and relaxing the cats look.

Bone china cat mug and plate

Gifts for Cat Lovers - Crouching Cat Side Plate and Sitting Cat Mug

It might be worth mentioning that in Medieval times, cats were considered to be a witch's 'familia' and said to be a symbol of satan. Sitting Cat knows this is not true even though they can be somewhat mischievous at times!

We live in a culture of pet lovers that has evolved over thousands and thousands of years. Our pets have become our family now. They help us with illness, disabilities and give us emotional support and loyalty.

In return, we buy them gifts, or ourselves fond reminders of our connection with our pets such as the animal lover gifts and homeware at Jin Designs.  

Our pets are given the best that we can afford; luxury collars, toys, posh bedding and scratch boards, yummy treats and even clothes. We feed them the best food and even have health care plans for them.

Jinny and PebblesPlus, I am sure we all agree, they are so cute, funny, quite crazy and adorable. 

That is why we love them so much and that is the joy of our pets.