Podcast: Becoming a Homeware Brand Creator with Jin Designs

In a recent podcast interview, Jinny had the pleasure of having an in-depth chat with the talented Lucy Irving on "Becoming an Artist - Creative Secrets Revealed" podcast. Episode 6 of the podcast explored Jinny's 10 year journey with Jin Designs as a homeware brand creator. With some light-hearted moments discussing the highs and lows and the how-to's, the conversation reveals some fascinating insights into Jinny's passion for creating simple designs that bring comfort, joy, and charm into your home.

From the very first design of Jin Designs beloved Sitting Cat to the diverse product ranges that have evolved over a decade of running the brand, it's been an incredible ride which is shared in the podcast.

Ready to hear the creative secrets behind Jin Designs? Let's get started, with Lucy as the wonderful host!

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Lucy Irving is an artist, author and creative mentor based in the seaside town of Brighton in the UK.

Over the last 10 years years, she has worked for 100s of clients, published two books on mindfulness and creativity and created courses and resources to help people to uncover their creative potential.

You can find more podcast episodes via her website: http://becominganartist.co.uk.