Penguin and Robin Worktop Savers Fly in Stock

Great news this week to see the arrival of new Penguin and Robin Worktop Savers. These two designs have been really popular in the Winter Collection launched last month and due to a number of requests, they now feature on their very own worktop savers. Penguin Worktop Saver These worktop savers are made from recycled glass. They are also known as glass chopping boards or worktop protectors. They are tough and solid and can be used a number of ways in the kitchen and dining area. You can use them as a chopping board and as they are glass they are very hygienic. You simply wipe clean. You can also use worktop savers for standing hot plates. So anything you've cooked in the oven can go straight onto the worktop saver which protects your kitchen work surfaces from damage. Robin Worktop Saver Another use is for presenting food. You can have your worktop saver in the centre of the kitchen or dining table for your dishes, nibbles, tapas, cheese - any kind of food. And with a Jin Designs Worktop Saver they not only look great but are practical too. Robin is a very simple design, placed in the far right of the worktop saver. So you don't even have to cover the design when you use it. This garden bird, also known as a Robin Redbreast, is very popular and known for its friendly nature. Robin featured first on a fine bone china mug and the range has extended to coasters, placemats and cards too. Robin Mug Penguin is also a very popular bird. Graphic Designer Jinny who created Penguin and Robin commented "I wanted to keep the designs very simple, for people to enjoy them or give as gifts to friends and family. I wanted them to be cute, but kind of sophisticated too! The product range is ideal for adding style and charm to homes and kitchens." Penguin Worktop Saver She went on to say "There's been a fabulous response since launching the new designs and I'm delighted that these birds are flying into homes all across the UK and beyond!" See Penguin Worktop Saver See Robin Worktop Saver See the full Winter Collection