Introducing Colour to the Zip Bag Range

Last month saw the arrival of the new Seagull Collection. And a fabulous new colour! Introducing a splash of blue with the new Seagull Zip Bag. Seagull makes a great travel companion. And Zip Bags are great to take on your travels as a makeup bag or for toiletries. You can even use them for small tools or as a pencil case. Lots of uses. This design is fun for seaside lovers. It’s also a lovely gift for someone going away perhaps on holiday to somewhere nice and hot lucky things. Seagull Zip Bag The zip bag is handmade using strong cotton canvas. Blue on the front and plain steel grey on the reverse, with a Jin Designs label neatly sewn in. Inside is a wash proof lining meaning you can use them for make-up and toiletries. Zip Bag from the Back Sometimes you just want something that will fit in your bag when you're going away for a few days. Something that will stand upright for storing small bottles like perfume or face lotion. Or perhaps you are going to see your Aunty in the holidays and would like to take a thoughtful gift with you. She is sure to be delighted with this special zip bag which has been designed by someone who really cares about quality and style and bringing delight into gift giving.

Seagull is a real character and will keep you company wherever you're travelling in the world. Check out the new colour and see what you think! See the Seagull Zip Bag