Hedgehog's Gift Guide For Nature Lovers

When we caught up with Hedgie, they were just about to ‘retire’ for winter. Imagine if we hadn’t been so lucky! Hibernation can last until March or April which would have been a bit of a wait for this gift guide. As it happened, Hedgie had time to share five choices from Jin Designs Woodland Collection with nature lovers everywhere.

1. Hedgehog Wall Clock - £27

Hedgehog Wall ClockHedgehog Wall Clock is a perfect solution if you find yourself missing our prickly friend. Not only is the clock stylish and practical, it boasts Hedgie’s portrait. The quartz movement and metal hands keep perfect time and you get to see your dear woodland companion in whatever room you decide to hang Hedgehog Wall Clock. Hedgie knows you will be counting the hours until hibernation ends but with this elegant gift they will be with you every day.

2. Badger Lover Gift Bundle - £30

As a rule, as nature lovers know, hedgehogs and badgers are not usually friends. Hedgie and Badger are an exception. ‘What’s not to like?’ said Hedgie, who is more than impressed with how striking Badger looks. If you, or someone you know, loves Badger as much as Hedgie, then Badger Lover Gift Bundle is perfect. Badger, in all their beauty, is displayed on a fine bone china mug, a high quality enamel pin and a zip bag that can be used for many different things. There’s a gift box too so Badger can be presented in the manner they deserve.

3. Rabbit Zip Bag - £16.50
Rabbit Zip BagHedgie knows Rabbit can be quite an energetic friend. ’One minute they are there, next they are gone!’ Rabbit Zip Bag is an ideal gift. It shows Rabbit in one of their ‘still’ moments, quietly surveying all around. The Zip Bag can be used as a make up bag, travel bag or even a pencil case. It has a wash-proof lining too. Hedgie knows Rabbit is likely to hop off at any moment but with this Zip Bag you can keep Rabbit with you. Always!

4. Fox Candle, Amber Ramblings - £15
Fox CandleHedgie feels Fox is a resplendent creature, especially during winter months when that splash of amber gives both colour and joy. Picture being at home after a woodland walk and relaxing with your Fox Candle. The aroma of Hedgie’s favourite fragrances, sandalwood, amber, vanilla and a hint of bergamot will bring the outdoors into your home. The candle is hand poured into a glass container with Fox on. Such a luxurious gift for a nature lover to unwind and enjoy. Trust Fox to be so thoughtful.
5. Woodland Collection Placemats, Mixed Set of Four - £38
Woodland Collection PlacematsHedgie knows that Woodland Collection Placemats are an excellent gift choice. Lovers of nature can have Hedgehog, Badger, Fox and Rabbit all together. Made in the UK, the placemats are non-slip, stylish and make an enchanting woodland scene on your dining table. A practical gift with beautiful woodland creatures is more than enough to warm the hearts of nature lovers.

Hedgie enjoyed choosing five special gifts featuring their friends from Jin Designs Woodland Collection. They said that nature lovers are ‘remarkable people who deserve the very best.’ Of course, Badger, Fox and Rabbit wholeheartedly agree.